Ghostbusters: The Animated Series

(ended 1988)





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  • This version of Ghostbusters is boring.....

    But I give a thumbs up to the background music and animation. Something about the character of Eddie makes me think of some of the characters that Ashton Kutcher plays in some of his movies. It's too bad Jake and Traci got stuck with an idiot for a partnerXD. Even though Prime Evil is the biggest idiot of them all, i get a kick out of all these nicknames he calls the Ghostbusters and the way he says it. What cracked me up the most is the episode where Prime Evil's partner called Eddie, posing as a girl saying "help! there's a big-bad ghost in Ghost Town!" and Prime Evil's covering his mouth, laughing in the background
  • Great show!

    This show was soooooo awesome! I think it was way better than the Real Ghostbusters. I bought Volume 1 of the DVDs, and can't wait to get volume 2. I think this is one of the best shows ever and I think they need to start showing reruns. I think it had better music, better characters, better villains, and better stories than any of the other Ghostbusters TV shows. Now, I'm gonna go watch my DVD!!! Thanks for the reminder! hahaha Now, if you haven't seen this show, I strongly suggest that you go rent the DVD and see for yourself how good it is!
  • Not Half Bad

    Im a fan of The Real Ghostbusters but this show was so awesome. It may have ripped off Ghostbusters but this was cool. I liked how it was two guys and a gorilla. The theme song was cool and catchy. I also like Prime Evil. Come on, that villian was awesome. It was cool how Prime Evil was the main villian and had his goons. The show was just a blast to watch. It also had the reporter girl and future girl who both were pretty cool. The show had cool plots and it was different. May not had lasted long but it was just a great show and glad its coming out on dvd. One good show.
  • Where did that show go now?

    The story takes place after The Ghost Busters (starring Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch, and Bob Burns). But this time their sons are joined up with Tracey the gorilla (who returns), Jessica ( a TV reporter), Futura (a mysterious woman from the future), and Belfry the bat. At their HQ "Ghost Command" they battle the evil spooks of Prime Evil, at his "Haunt-Quarters" and even through space and time in their transforming GhostBuggy. For those of you who don't the story of how The Real Ghostbusters got the name, here's the lowdown (thanks to When the movie was being made it turned out that Filmation Associates already had a show called "Ghostbusters". Due to the popularity of the Ivan Reitman directed movie, Filmation revamped their show and made it animated, "Filmations' GhostBusters" (a.k.a. "the Original GhostBusters"). So when Columbia came out with their own animated spinoff of Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis's "Ghostbusters" movie, they decided to call it "The REAL Ghostbusters" just to spite Filmation. But that's not all: "We've often assumed that Filmation opened litigation against Columbia. As it turns out (or at least according to Tomart's article) Columbia was free and clear to use "Ghostbusters" without Filmation's permission. When Filmation began work on their cartoon Ghost Busters, it was Columbia who turned it into a legal issue. You learn something new everyday."
  • Ghostbusters is an all time classic.

    Ghostbusters is an all time classic. I use to watch it when I was younger. If you enjoyed the movies then you will enjoy the television show. They actually showing reruns in October on teletoon to celebrate Halloween it was nice to see the show on again. It is to bad they took it off after Halloween was over because they didn\\\\\\\'t finish all the episodes and it would have been nice to see them all again. They also showed other old shows such as beetlejuice which was anotehr show I enjoyed watching when I was young. Both the movie and the show are quite good.
  • I have fond memories of this series, and having just found a region 2 DVD containing the first 6 episodes I\'ve introduced it to my 2 year old nephew who loves it (but then he likes any thing with monkeys).

    This is a cartoon from Filmation (the company which brought us He-Man and She-Ra) about two guys (Jake Kong Jr. and Eddie Spencer Jr.) and their Gorilla friend Tracy (who creates and repairs most of their tools and weapons) and their fight against the robotic skeletor-like ghost: Prime Evil and his minions.

    This Cartoon follows on from the original Ghostbusters Live Action show from the 70\'s (not the film with Bill Murrey and Dan Akroyd).

    The Jake and Eddie of the cartoon are the sons of the original Jake and Eddie from the Live Action show, Tracey, however, is the same Ape.

    As a child, I used to really enjoy this show and actually preferd it over \"The \'Real\' Ghostbusters\" cartoon which followed it.

    There is now an R2 DVD available containing the first 6 episodes, including my favourite \"The Ransom of Eddie Spencer\" where Eddie (voiced by Peter \"Optimus Prime\" Cullen) is kidnaped by Haunter and procedes to drive Prime Evil crazy with his accident-prone nature.
  • I have got to see this show again before i die, that would be awesome. I think that this show was by far way better than "The real Ghostbusters." I am glad that i found and registered. You will most likely hear from me again real soon

    I have always tried to find information on this show and I cant believe that I finally found a website that I could do so in. This show was by far one of the greatest shows ever made in my opinion. I used to watch this show growing up. I remembered it so clearly because it was so different from the other Ghostbusters show “The Real Ghostbusters.” I remember it being so different because I can remember when ever they were about to catch ghosts or whatever you would like to call that they would always run into this closet or it was something like that, then they had this cool looking Ghostbuster car that was a lot different than the other one from the other series. I just wish that there was some way that I could find all these episodes on DVD or even VHS somewhere. I’m 22 years old and I would still love to see this show again, cause you know the shows that you watched growing up were always the greatest.
  • Who ya gonna watch?...GHOSTBUSTERS!!

    Ghostbusters, the animated series, was based on the two poular movies in the early 80's. Ghostbusters are a group of men who travel around New York killing ghosts. The animated series, although short lived, was very popular while airing on television. It sparked a whole slew of merchandise such as clothes, games, and toys (I remember that I had the four main action figures and a Slimer toy). When thinking back on this animated series I recall it not being that good. Sure it was fun as a kid because the Ghostbuster movie were so popular but if you want to check out the Ghostbusters now I recommend watching the first movie.