Ghostly Encounters

Saturday 9:30 PM on The Biography Channel Premiered Jul 16, 2005 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • History Comes Alive
      History may seem dry and boring, but sometimes people learn history lessons in surprising ways. Chuck and John are two people who had supernatural encounters that helped them view history in an entirely different light, proving that the paranormal is not always frightening and the past is not always forgotten.
    • Driven Out By Ghosts
      Ghostly Encounters head to the Deep South to talk to a couple who claim that they were forced to relocate after a spirit from the Civil War wanted its house back. In part two, investigators research a century-old building that has had over twenty different owners over the last fifteen years. An interview with a previous resident reveals why.moreless
    • Eternal Bonds
      Eternal Bonds
      Episode 8
      Lawrence Chau hosts this episode about the bonds that last beyond the grave. Jen and Maria are two women who have close-knit ties with their families. Death is a tragic event for many families, but Maria and Jen both manage to stay in touch with their relatives, even after death.
    • Crimes From Beyond The Grave
      Sometimes, the damages caused by crimes linger long after the victim has passed away. When Kiersten moves into a new apartment, she discovers too late that a horrible crime once occurred inside the very walls she now calls home. Weird and unexplainable events make Kiersten's life miserable, until she can figure out a solution.moreless
    • Haunted Institutions
      When Yvonne and Carol visit historical institutions, they are expecting to learn a few interesting history lessons and appreciate days gone by. However, as it turns out, history is not as far away as it might seem. Spirits still linger at these institutions, offering a supernatural connection to the distant past.moreless
    • Disturbed Graves
      Disturbed Graves
      Episode 5
      Graves usually provide a peaceful final resting place for the deceased. However, Dan and Susan end up learning a terrifying lesson about what happens when somebody disturbs graves. Their lives end up haunted by strange occurrences when local graves are meddled with, and the couple will have to figure out how to fix the situation.moreless
    • Protecting Kids from Ghosts
      For some parents, protecting their children from things that go bump in the night is not just a game of make-believe. Paalini suffers from unwanted and terrifying apparitions, until her parents figure out a way to help her. Meanwhile, Kim watches helplessly as her child deals with unseen and unearthly visitors.moreless
    • Hospital Ghosts
      Hospital Ghosts
      Episode 3
      Hospitals can be places of healing and redemption, but for many other people, the hospital will become their final resting place. Both Dan and Stephen have experiences with the lingering spirits of patients that still walk the hospital halls, some of them friendly and some of them a little more malicious.moreless
    • Play With The Occult, Pay The Price
      Lawrence Chau hosts this investigation of the paranormal. Like many people, Sharon and Greg find the occult fascinating, but do not think that dabbling in occult practices will have any serious consequences. Both of them learn otherwise after their experiments with the spirit world unleash malevolent forces beyond their control.
    • Kids Who See Ghosts
      When Kelsey's son starts playing with someone that Kelsey cannot see, she assumes her creative child just has an imaginary friend. Soon, however, she starts to wonder if there is something a little odd about the invisible friend. Meanwhile, Ross struggles when his parents do not see the same apparitions that he does.moreless
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