Ghosts of Motley Hall

ITV (ended 1978)




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Ghosts of Motley Hall

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Five ghosts who lived in a cobweb-filled English mansion on the children's British fantasy comedy THE GHOSTS OF MOTLEY HALL/ITV/1976-78. The Ghosts of Motley hall included Sir George Uproar, (Freddy Jones), a Victorian general who had lead his troops their deaths; Bodkin (Arthur English), an Elizabethan jester who served the original Uproar, Sir Richard; the mysterious White Lady (Sheila Staefel) who roamed and moaned through the halls of Motley (she couldn't remember who she was); Sir Francis "Fanny" (Nicholas Le Prevost), an 18th-century gambler and dandy whose lifestyle of drinking and dueling did him in; and Matt, a teenage stable boy from the 18th century who died of pneumonia and decided to take up residence in the hall. He was the only one of the five who could leave the mansion because he was not subject to the original curse. Comfortable enough within the prison walls of Motley Hall, the ghosts had become comfortable with their confinement, but when Sir Humphrey, the latest member of the Uproar family died (an elephant crushed him in 1976), their mansion soon found itself eyed by real estate developers who wanted to upgrade or demolish the place. Mr. Gudgin (Peter Sallis) the local real estate agent was a confederate of the ghost's concerns and tried to keep undesirables from buying the mansion. The ghosts, too, did their best to haunt the place and keep potential buyers away. Eventually (on the final episode), after 400 years of haunting the estate, an exorcism released the ghosts from their curses so they could finally make their journey to the after-life. The series was written by Richard Carpenter the creator of the popular children's drama Catweazle.moreless