Ghosts of Motley Hall

ITV (ended 1978)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Last Uproar
      The Last Uproar
      Episode 1
      As the ghost of Sir George oversees his fellow ghosts in the hanging of hos portrait, they are joined by the arrival of a new ghost, Matt, who was the stable boy in life. His arrival comes with the news that the last member of the family, Sir Humphrey Uproar, has died, and that the house now faces demolition from land developers.moreless
    • Old Gory
      Old Gory
      Episode 2
      Matt sees a strange glow and hears moaning, and the other ghosts inform him that it is the ghost of Old Gory, a headless ghost who has returned every five years since the War of the Roses. Matt wants to cheer up the old spirit, but a parapsychologist and his wife show up at the mansion and with them could come spectators which the resident ghosts are trying to avoid. However, Old Gory likes the idea of having guests.moreless
    • Box of Tricks
      Box of Tricks
      Episode 3
      Tempers flare as the ghosts play Bridge in the belfry, and their activity disturbs a mystical box which affects their lives and habits. Meanwhile, two criminals named Geoffrey and Ronald discover Motley all and use it to hide their stolen goods. When the box allows the ghost of Sir George to be seen by a police officer, he becomes a suspect for the robbery of the stolen items.moreless
    • Bad Lord William and the British Banana Company
      Mr. Gudgin brings a client named Wallis to see Motley Hall, but the ghosts are upset when he reveals his intention to gut and modernize the hall. To make things worse, Wallis rediscovers the sword hilt of Bad Lord William, the Hall's most tyrannical owner. Keeping the hilt hidden keeps William from returning, and now that he is awake, he vows to torture them all as punishment for his death by poisoning after he kills Gudgin and Wallis to make them ghosts.moreless
    • Perfida Blackart Rides Again
      Sir George announces he is going to write his memoirs and discovers the diary of his ancestor to inspire him, but the pages from the English Civil War are missing. When it is implied the White Lady took the pages, it is rationalized that there is something embarrassing in the pages that could reveal something of her identity in those pages.moreless
    • Double Trouble
      Double Trouble
      Episode 6
      Fanny is bailing water out of his leaky room, and the ghosts try to get Gudgin to carry out repairs. They are annoyed when Matt scares Gudgin away. Meanwhile, Sir george still trying to write his memoirs needs a seance to contact his old brigadier general for facts, but the whole attempt is awry when Matt ruins contact. The ghosts expel him from Motley Hall, but then a doppleganger pops up to take his place and sow dissent among the others.moreless
    • The Pogmore Experiment
      Vagrants have become a problem at Motley Hall, and expelling them brings Professor Pogmore, a parapsychologist with a device to dispel the energies of Motley Hall, and possibly erasing the ghosts from existence unless the spirits can discredit him.
  • Season 2
  • Season 3