Ghosts of Motley Hall - Season 2

ITV (ended 1978)




Episode Guide

  • Phantomime
    Episode 7
    It's Christmastime again, but this time, none of the ghosts are in a Yuletide spirit except Matt who opens the house to two old ladies. One of them has a bottle with a jinn in it, but Fanny releases it after confusing jinn for gin. The jinn grants Fanny's wish to be master of Motley Hall and imprisons everyone to the cellar, but when the jinn takes over the house, it's up to Fanny to try and rectify the matter.moreless
  • Horoscope
    Episode 6
    The ghosts discover that Gudgin has sold Motley Hall to a rich businessman named Stamford Hives, but Sir George becomes upset when his portrait is replaced for the businessman's. Hives wants the ghosts out, refusing to share the house with him, but Sir George wants him out and vows to use the businessman's horoscope to force him to depart.moreless
  • Ghost of a Chance
    Ghost of a Chance
    Episode 5
    Gudgin gets his head stuck in the banister while surveying Motley Hall for damages. The ghosts have a hard time trying to save him. Matt rushes to try and get Gudgin's cousin, John and his family to help, but he has a problem trying to get them into Motley when they can't see him.moreless
  • Godfrey of Basingstoke
    When Matt finds a wedding ring by the lake, it distresses the White Lady who is depressed on not recalling her life when she was alive. She wants to be treated as a woman, but when Matt sees the White Lady somehow outside the house, he goes to investigate, losing the ring into a well and waking up the dormant spirit of Godfrey of Basingstroke who announces that the White Lady is his long-lost wife Matilda.moreless
  • Where Are You, White Feather?
    An elderly psychic named Emily Tiffin crashes into a tree near Motley Hall after sensing Matt's spirit. As Gudgin has her car fixed, Emily introduces the ghosts to her spirit guide, a Native American apparition named Little Feather, who tricks Bodkin to take his place as Emily's guide so that he can pass over.moreless
  • Sir Peveril's Hoard
    Gudgin discovers thieves have stolen all the lead from the roof and is told to replace it will cost more money than he has. They look for something he can sell to save Motley Hall, but Matt wakes the spirit of old Lord Peveril Uproar, an old miser with a fortune still left somewhere on the premises.moreless
  • The Christmas Spirit
    The spirits of Motley Hall celebrate Christmas even if the White Lady acts too depressed to join in with the festivities. Sir George reminisces about one Xmas from his past where a tree cut down for the holiday introduced a rather malevolent elemental into the house.