Ghosts of Motley Hall - Season 3

ITV (ended 1978)




Episode Guide

  • Narcissus Bullock's Bell
    Gudgin recovers a bell from the grounds at Motley Hall,but is confronted by the ghost of a highwayman named Narcissus Bullock who stole the bell from a vicar and now wants it back. Ringing it expels the ghosts out of Motley, and they must trek back home. Fanny meeting his old friend Narcissus along the way, but upon reaching Motley Hall, the ghosts realize a strange force keeps them from entering their home once more.moreless
  • Party Piece
    Party Piece
    Episode 5
    In preparation for Halloween, the ghosts discover an old piano Gudgin is storing at Motley Hall. When Sir George tries to play it, the ghost of concert playwright, Ludwig Stumpf, appears forbidding them from playing it. The White Lady soon tries to entice him into playing a peice from it.
  • Skeleton in the Cupboard (2)
    Sir George swears the murder of Alexandra was an accident. Her arrival has thrown the other ghosts into turmoil, and Sir George flees into the bell tower for peace. In order to be rid of Alexandra, the ghosts try to get Sir George to play one last game with her with the price deciding who gets to remain at Motley.moreless
  • Skeleton in the Cupboard (1)
    Gudgin is showing Motley Hall to another potential advisor whom Sir George promptly scares away. He confesses that he thinks Gudgin should own Motley, but Fanny is upset at being ordered about by him and challenges him to a duel. They will duel with croquet mallets. when Matt takes one of the Mallets into the garden, he is confronted by the spirit of an old maid named Alexandra who accuses Sir George of murdering her.moreless
  • Ghost Writer
    Ghost Writer
    Episode 2
    The ghosts of Motley are intrigued when a film crew arrives to make a video history on the Uproar family, but they become upset by the horrible slant by which they are being portrayed. With the historical inaccuracies and slander become too much to tolerate, the ghosts vow to destroy the production at all costs.moreless
  • Family Tree
    Family Tree
    Episode 1
    The Ghosts of Motley Hall are fearing the annual return of Old Gory when two Americans arrive at Motley. One of them is related to the Uproar family looking for research on the family. As Sir George tries without success to contact the Americans with the info they want, Matt decides to get Old Gory to pass on the info since he can be seen by the living.moreless