Season 2 Episode 3

Am I Blue? Part 3

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 1993 on PBS



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    • Lieutenant McQuaid: We know you were involved in a theft of Custsie. The only way out is to give him back.
      Mrs. Fernandez: Gaby?
      Gaby: I didn't take Cutise.
      Lieutenant McQuaid: Then who did?
      Gaby: I don't know.

    • Mr. Fernandez: She's a little girl and she's very frightened.
      Lieutenant McQuaid: I understand. But I have a feeling she knows more than she's telling.

    • Rob: I'm sorry for what I said about Gaby. I was trying to be a good detective and sometimes I get carried away.
      Alex: It's cool, Rob. I've been known to get a little carried away myself sometimes.
      Lenni, Jamal, and Tina: (Laugh) Sometimes?

    • Alex: I want to thank you.
      Tina: For what?
      Alex: Well, you're the only one who didn't suspect Gaby of stealing Cutsie and I appreciate that. (Kisses Tina on the cheek.)

    • (Calvin reads about his own suspect profile in Alex's casebook.)
      Calvin: "Known creep"! How dare they think I stole Cutise!
      Jeffery: You stole Alex's casebook.
      Calvin: That's different. I did what any respectable Makva would do.

    • Lenni: (About Brad Pierce) I feel kind of sorry for him. He must really miss being on the Galaxy Girl show.
      Rob: But he's still lost in space.

    • Alex: Whatcha doing?
      Gaby: Trying to decide which stuffed animal to take to jail with me.

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