Season 3 Episode 9

Attack Of The Slime Monster Part 1

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 1995 on PBS

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  • i have a long time without watching this tv program. So i'm gald to watch it again, i'm really excited. i hope with this rewiew i can relive moments of my childness. I think this episode is adventurous and funny as the rest that's why i want to see it.

    This program is one of my favorite tv program i ever seen. The actors were the best doing it, and the stories were always great. So i am so happy 'cause i have the chance to enjoy once again the Ghostwriter to feel like a child one more time. Before the review i had to rate this episode, but i really think they're allg good .. so i couldn't say which is better. Finally i'm so glad to see those episodes again, 'cause remind me some awesome moments of my life. I love Ghostwriter and all its crazy, interesting and amazing stories as well.