Season 1 Episode 31

Building Bridges Part 1

Aired Unknown Apr 25, 1993 on PBS
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Building Bridges Part 1
The team is excited about the upcoming star jam talent show because they are in charge of it. When their friend Kiambu arrives with a sore eye, they realize that violence is in the neighborhood. Rob, an editor for the school paper, makes friends with an ex-gang member. The gang feels safe that Hurston hasn't been the target of vandalism. Or has it?moreless

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  • The Ghostwriter Team's Victory over Violence.

    Building Bridges is a fitting title to the negative reversed philosophy of “burning bridges”. It offers healthy antidotes of trust, communication, and (of course) writing to the violence that has seeped into the lives of the students at Hurston. Ghostwriter has managed to cover serious topics such as the Vietnam War and environmentalism. Now violence is brought up in a realistic yet suspenseful atmosphere for children to watch. Rob is no longer a shy student at Hurston. Now he’s a confident reporter for the school newspaper and eager to cover a new article. Only a show like Ghostwriter would show a quiet bookworm son of a military colonel befriending a Hispanic ex-gang member and discard any foolish questions that viewers might bring up. The team itself is diverse and Rob is not one to pass wrong judgment on others. Unlike Alex, who is a detective at heart, Rob is a writer. He wants to see things differently than normal standards.

    But when Huston becomes the next target in a wave of violence, his new friend Victor Torres is the most likely culprit because of his previous ties to a gang. Grandma Cece tells Jamal that despite what she knows, there’s no simple reason why people cause violence. Fortunately, such negative emotions can be stopped. The team has a new scary case on hand but Ghostwriter informs them, "Writing can unlock many doors".moreless
Marcella Lowery

Marcella Lowery

Grandma CeCe Jenkins

David Lopez

David Lopez

Alex Fernandez

Blaze Berdahl

Blaze Berdahl

Lenni Frazier

Todd Alexander

Todd Alexander

Rob Baker (1992-1993)

Mayteana Morales

Mayteana Morales

Gaby Fernandez (1992-94)

Tram-Anh Tran

Tram-Anh Tran

Tina Nguyen

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    • Rob: Oh, by the way. Did you talk to Jasmine yet, Mr. Cool? (Jamal swats him with a pillow) Woah! Guess not!!

    • Rob: This afternoon a Latino kid called me a white boy.
      Jamal: Who?
      Rob It doesn't matter. It was like he was cursing me. Have you ever been called black boy like that?
      Jamal:(Nods) Other things too.
      Rob: It was the first time it ever happened to me.
      Jamal: Did this kid know you?
      Rob: Nuh-huh.
      Jamal: Well my Dad says that's why people call other people names. They don't know them. And sometimes, they don't even want to. Or maybe they're scared.

    • Rob: Am I a white boy to you?
      Jamal: Yeah.
      Rob: Just a white boy?
      Jamal: Well not "just". You're a good friend. Y'know, we hang out together and we're on the same team. But I mean, you are white and you're a boy. (Rob frowns) Well, not a boy, y'know, a guy. Like me. I wouldn't like to be called "black boy" even though I am black. Actually, I'm brown. And you, you're pink! (snaps fingers) That's it, a Pink Guy.

    • Victor: Hey!! The next you walk through my name man, you're gonna come out the other side gasping for air!!

    • Rob: Are you in that gang?
      Victor: I used to be.
      Rob: Oh wow man...

    • Rob: Yeah, it's like kind of like exploding your thoughts onto the page.

    • Walter: (Sneers) I see you guys got kind of lucky organizing your actions today.
      Alex: It wasn't luck, Walter. It was skill.
      Walter: Well, let's just hope that your "skill" doesn't run out anytime soon.

    • Alex: Great. For all we know, we could have ten kids standing on their heads chewing bubble gum!

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