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    [1]May 26, 2006
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    I would like to mention that now clean up work can start on The Ghostwriter Guide. With The New Red Green Show pretty much out of the way I canclean this Guide up. By that I mean Titles will be adjusted to read Part 1 Etc. for Origional Ghostwriter Episodes. As this is a small Guide no second Editor will be needed. All submitions will be cleared. My plan ios to make sure that no other informaion is missing from this Guide. New Ghostwriter Mysteries Episodes are in Year 4.

    Anyway Ghostwriter is one of my top five all time faves. I saw both Ghostwriter and New Ghostwriter and not missed any of the Episodes. I'm also working on my other Guide Thunderous Task Force Adventure Ranger on this Site as it's the Japan version of Power Rangers.

    Let the clean up work begin guys.

    Wentwood (Editor for Ghostwriter)

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    [2]Jun 21, 2006
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    Perhaps you could mention somewhere that Ghastwriter was in fact a British Schools programme, joint-produced by the BBC and the Children's Television workshop, and first screened in the UK. I can't find you exact dates at the moment, but when the BBC catalogue is back up and running I will be able to.

    It was also shown in America, and became a lot more popular there than in England, but it was a British production. Please include that - don't let Ghostwriter become another programme stolen by the Americans.
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    What other shows were 'stolen' by Americans? BTW- remember Americans were the inventors of the TV medium to begin with And, most memorable shows BEGAN as American inventions! Besides, Americans and Brtitish have completely different tastes when it comes to TV, therefore, if a show began as a British series, it doesn't resemble one once it airs in the states!
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