Season 2 Episode 5

Get The Message Part 1

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1993 on PBS

Episode Recap

Tina notices Max Frazier loading up music instruments into the back of his truck. He proudly tells her that his band is going to play at the glamorous Silver Slipper club. Tina uses her video camera to start an interview when she notices a truck heading towards Max's van. She yells and Max jumps out of the way but the truck slams into the back of his van, wrecking his instruments.

Mr. Fernandez comes out of the truck. Max is furious and starts yelling at him for destroying his instruments. Mr. Fernandez says he saw somebody in the street and had to swerve to avoid hitting him. Max should be grateful that he saved both their lives. The two adults start to yell and shout at one another while Tina looks on curiously. Max runs off to call the police.

Jamal, Lenni, and Gaby show up at the scene of the accident. Lenni is alarmed to hear her father talking to an officer inside the bodega. Max says Mr. Fernandez has always been annoyed with his music and he thinks he destroyed them deliberately. Lenni remembers once how Mr. Fernandez threatened her father and said he'd break the instruments unless he kept his music quiet.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fernadez is being interviewed by another office. Alex and Gaby are standing beside their father while Ghostwriter hovers around them. Mr. Fernandez insists he saw a man in the street and did his best to avoid hurting someone. He accuses Max of being a nuisance with his music and inconsiderate of others. That evening, Lenni talks to Ghostwriter on the computer. He tells her to look out for her father. Ghostwriter adds that he'll look out for Lenni and she seems a little comforted by this.

Things at school take a bad turn. Lenni vents her anger to Jamal and Rob about the accident. Alex overhears her and thinks Lenni accuses her father of lying. The two of them begin arguing while Rob backs away quietly, leaving Jamal alone. He tries to get them to stop shouting Lenni and Alex storm off in different directions.

Meanwhile, Gaby and Tina are at the bodega reading about the accident in a newspaper. Gaby hopes there will be something supportive of her father written inside but she's upset when Tina is quoted saying, "I thought he was going to run us over. I've never been so scared in my whole life". Tina says she just told the reporter the truth about what she saw. Gaby says she doesn't want to be Tina's friend anymokre.

Jamal finds Rob typing in the computer lab. They eye Calvin Ferguson suspiciously as he leaves the lab. Neither of them see Calvin sneak back and hide behind a door to spy on them. Jamal warns Rob about Lenni and Alex's behavior. He asks Rob why he's acting like he doesn't care. Rob insists that he does care but he doesn't like getting into arguments. Jamal starts typing to Ghostwriter on the computer and asks for help. Meanwhile, Calvin is watching Jamal's screen. He can't read Ghostwirter's words but he can read what Jamal is typing back. Ghostwriter tells Jamal to keep the team together by telling them the truth. Calvin quickly jots down Jamal's messages and runs out of the lab.

Calvin is at the Party Animal store talking to his pet parrot Attila while he goes over the clues. He knows "someone" is giving Jamal and his friends' secret information. Calvin once stole Alex's casebook so he already knows that "someone" is nicknamed "GW" and can read and write in other places. (He's pleased to know the team is fighting too.) Calvin wonders if "GW" has a computer hooked up to Jamal's computer so they can communicate in privacy.

Tina tells Jamal what she saw at the accident and how she and Gaby had a fight. He suggests they watch her tape to look for clues together but Tina turns him down. He watches the video by himself at his house and doesn't come up with much evidence. Jamal realizes it's not as fun or productive without the team together.

Lenni is writing bitter and hateful lyrics at home when her father walks in. He tells her he didn't renew his insurance policy for his instruments but he might be able to get the $10,000 he needs from Mr. Fernandez. "But it will not be pretty", he adds.

Calvin has rigged up two of the computers in the school lab when Rob walks in. He sits down and notices a message on the screen in black font that says, "Hi Rob". Rob thinks its Ghostwriter and asks why he looks different. Calvin types back, "I'm not myself today". Rob asks, "What's wrong, Ghostwriter?" Calvin gleefully writes down "Ghostwriter" next to "GW" in his notebook. He continues to pretend he's Ghostwriter and asks Rob if he knows who he is.

Alex and Gaby are in the bodega and Alex is dreamily remembering his kiss with Tina from the time they hid from Mr. Miller. Gaby confesses she misses the team but Alex thinks they still can't count on their teammates. Jamal comes in and they're glad to see him. Suddenly, a woman shows up with an envelope. The kids watch their father open it up but he suddenly looks upset and leaves. They glance at the lengthy papers and by examining the words they know, Alex and Gaby are shocked. Max Frazier is accusing their father of destroying property and suing him for $10,000.