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Season 2 Episode 6

Get The Message Part 2

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 1993 on PBS
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Episode Summary

Get The Message Part 2
Jamal thinks the culprit is connected to local art robberies but nobody will work with him on the case. Calvin tricks Rob into telling him about Ghostwriter and is eager to exploit their secrets. Jamal fears that if the team doesn't stop fighting, Ghostwriter will disappear forever.moreless

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    Marcella Lowery

    Marcella Lowery

    Grandma CeCe Jenkins

    David Lopez

    David Lopez

    Alex Fernandez

    Blaze Berdahl

    Blaze Berdahl

    Lenni Frazier

    Todd Alexander

    Todd Alexander

    Rob Baker (1992-1993)

    Mayteana Morales

    Mayteana Morales

    Gaby Fernandez (1992-94)

    Tram-Anh Tran

    Tram-Anh Tran

    Tina Nguyen

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    • QUOTES (8)

      • Calvin: Writer's block? It's hard to write when you're depressed.
        Rob: What do you know about it?
        Calvin: Nothing, just talking about life in general. People are funny, aren't they? You think you can trust them then...they turn on you just like that.
        Rob: Tell me about it. I can't trust anybody.
        Calvin: I had a friend I could trust. An imaginary friend. His name was "Mr. Boy". (Rob snickers) I was the only who could see him. Have you ever had an imaginary friend, Rob? Someone you couldn't see?

      • Jamal: Did Joseph see the thief run in front of a truck on Cumberland?
        Mr. Thomas: Joseph?
        Joseph: I tripped and fell.
        Mr. Thomas: He's still very upset he didn't catch the thief. Feels like he failed me.

      • Calvin: So what's wrong?
        Lenni: Nothing. Except Alex Fernandez is the world's biggest jerk.

      • Calvin: Earth to Ghostwriter. Do you read me? (no response) Come on! Ugh, this isn't working. And I can't ask Lenni or her stupid friends.

      • Lenni: (sings) You're not my friend, this is the end. Don't want to be around you.

      • Rob: Why does friendship always end?
        Ghostwriter: It doesn't have to.
        Rob: It does for me. When my Dad was in the air force we always had to move. I had to leave my friends behind. But this is worse. (Types) My friends are leaving me.
        Ghostwriter: Have you tried talking to them?
        Rob: No.
        Ghostwriter: Then you are the one who's leaving.

      • Calvin: Earth to Ghostwriter. Do you read me? (no response) Come on! Ugh, this isn't working. And I can't ask Lenni or her stupid friends.

      • Alex: You'd better watch what you say, Gaby. Before she sics her lawyer on you.
        Jamal: Come on, stop it guys.
        Lenni: What are you picking on me for? I didn't do anything to you.
        Alex: Thanks to your father, my father might get sent to jail.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Bo Jackson guest stars as Joseph, the security gaurd at the art gallery.

      • When Jamal writes a distress call to Ghostwriter, he types "ANSWER ME" several times on the screen. Ghostwriter used the same words in the pilot mystery "Ghost Story" as a cry for help.

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