Season 2 Episode 6

Get The Message Part 2

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 1993 on PBS

Episode Recap

Mrs. Fernandez sees the court papers and says she'll talk to Max but her husband refuses. Jamal, Alex, and Gaby leave the bodega and go outside. In the lab, Rob asks Ghostwriter (not Calvin) why everybody is fighting. He's upset because he's always lost touch with friends before. Ghostwriter reminds Rob that if he does nothing to help then he's the one losing touch.

Lenni walks by the store and Alex and Gaby accuse her of suing their father. Meanwhile, Tina and Rob both admit they miss the team and want things to work out. But when they get to the bodega, Alex is telling Lenni that she can't shop in their store. Everyone runs outside and despite Jamal's protests, they continue to argue with one another. Nobody sees Ghostwriter's words materialize on a sign. He can feel their anger and it's hurting him. He begs them to stop but they continue to yell and shout before parting separate ways.

Calvin is disgusted when he tries to write to Ghostwriter and nothing happens. Then he hears the team fighting outside and has an idea. If Calvin can break up the Ghostwriter team then Ghostwriter won't be of use to them at all. He laughs aloud to Attila.

Jamal asks Mr. Fernandez if he can remember anything about the person who ran in front of his truck to prove that he wasn't driving recklessly. Mr. Fernandez only knows he was a red-headed man. Gaby knows it's not much to go on so Jamal suggests they re-watch Tina's video. He asks Lenni in school to join them but she refuses to work with the Fernandez kids. Calvin sees her crying in the computer lab and takes advantage by offering her a tissue and trying to sound considerate of her problems.

Jamal is watching the video tape with Gaby and they pause it just in time to see two people run in front of Tina's video camera a minute before the accident happened. The screen is blurred but Ghostwriter goes into the TV to clear up the words for them to see. One person is carrying the poster of a boy that says, "Might bright, mighty clean". Ghostwriter picks up a nearby slogan that says, "We put a tingle on your tongue". Jamal realizes they're both advertisements and asks Grandma Cece if she recognizes them. She sings the jingles and tells them Mighty Clean detergent had a song they used to play on the radio. Gaby realizes the man on the video was carrying an ad poster. The other man in the video has a message on his shirt that Ghostwriter clears up. It says "Up Against the Wall Art Gallery".

Jamal goes to the art gallery the next day and notices a tall tough-looking man wearing the same shirt standing in the doorway. His name is Joseph and he's the guard for the art gallery. Deryl Thomas, the gallery owner, answers Jamal's questions. A redheaded man stole a valuable painting from the gallery last week and Joseph chased him down the street. The thief got away but Joseph saw the car crash at the time.

Mr. Thomas shows Jamal a copy of the stolen painting in a book. It's the Mighty Clean advertisement from the video. He tells Jamal it was an original piece by the famous artist Jarvis O'Conner. But Mr. Thomas admits that there were several more expensive paintings in the gallery left untouched. Jamal wonders why the thief stole that one. He glances through the book and finds an ad for soda that reads, "We put a tingle on your tongue". Jamal thinks the thief is only stealing Jarvis O'Conner paintings. He thanks Mr. Thomas and Joseph, who gives him a friendly high five before he leaves.

Jamal calls Lieutenant McQuaid and asks if he found the thief yet. McQuaid says they haven't but already there have been three O'Conner paintings stolen in the area. He tells Jamal to let the police handle it. Jamal hangs up and hopes that if they find the thief, the team will stop fighting. He calls a rally for everyone to meet at his place. But nobody shows up. Ghostwriter reads Lenni's hateful lyrics and Alex's angry letter and it hurts him even more. He barely manages to show "Rally J" on Rob's screen in the computer lab, just as Calvin is coaxing Rob and asking if he ever had an imaginary friend. Rob is suspicious of Calvin and wonders what's wrong with Ghostwriter.

Jamal is at home wondering why nobody has shown up in almost an hour. He types to Ghostwriter who doesn't respond on the computer. Jamal writes "Answer me!" over and over again but nothing happens.
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