Season 2 Episode 7

Get The Message Part 3

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1993 on PBS

Episode Recap

Jamal is concerned when the team hasn't shown up. Ghostwriter weakly responds on the screen that he couldn't send the message because "everyone is disconnected". Alex and Gaby hear their father on the phone and are worried. Jamal runs in and tells them the emergency about Ghostwriter. He says they've got to stop fighting and make their fathers work together but the Fernandez siblings are hesitant.

Rob finds a typed letter in his locker saying his friend will always be there for him. It's signed "Ghostwriter". Rob is comforted but then he suspects something is up: Ghostwriter doesn't write permanent messages to them on paper.

Meanwhile, Alex is looking at the picture of the team from Lana Barn's ceremony and remembering what a great time they had. Somebody slides two letters under the door. Gaby's letter is from Tina and she wants to meet her in the park. Alex gets one from Lenni, also to meet in the park but at a different place. Both kids decide to go. Lenni gets a message to meet Alex and Tina gets one from Gaby as well.

Rob goes to Jamal's house and he's also upset to hear how bad things have gotten. Jamal suggests they write a letter to keep the team together. Rob and Jamal compose a letter that mention the adventures they've had together: rescuing Rob from the subway tunnel, stopping Mr. Miller and his toxic waste barrels, and winning the Cosmic Contest with Hoodman. They don't want such a good thing to be forgotten. Jamal and Rob print out the letter and sign it. It's just in time because Ghostwriter's words are getting blurrier and fainter. The boys go down to the bodega where Max is talking to Mr. Fernandez. He suggests they split the cost of the instruments but Mr. Fernandez yells at him to get out of the store and tells Jamal and Rob to leave too.

Tina, Lenni, Alex, and Gaby each meet up at their meeting place only to find a note saying "Ha! Ha! Ha!" Each of them thinks it's a dirty trick, unaware that Calvin is hiding behind a tree and laughing at them. He runs off, thinking he's ruined the Ghostwriter team for good.

Jamal and Rob confront the four feuding friends and Rob yells at them to shut up. He criticizes them for being selfish and warns them that Ghostwriter will vanish forever unless they stop. He compares all their notes and notices they're identical. Somebody has been trying to set them up. Rob suspects it was the person who sent him the fake Ghostwriter letter. Jamal passes around the letter for them to read. One by one, they start to laugh and smile. Gaby admits Tina is still her friend and Lenni apologizes to Alex. The four friends shake on it but they still have to bring Ghostwriter back.

In Jamal's house, the team takes turns typing messages to Ghostwriter on the computer. Lenni admits she should've listened to another side of the story and Alex apologizes for losing his temper. Rob says he should've done something instead of holding back. Tina should've thought more about Gaby's feelings. Ghostwriter sends words one by one: "It's…about…"

Gaby finally concludes, "I love the team. And I love you, Ghostwriter." Her message causes Ghostwriter's words to become clear and bold again. He writes, "It's about time! Let's solve this case!" The team cheers together, glad that Ghostwriter is alive and well.

Alex and Lenni notice Rob has received another letter from the fake Ghostwriter in his locker. It says Rob should meet "Ghostwriter" in the computer lab after school. Now Rob believes its Calvin and tells his friends how Calvin was always snooping. But he has an idea. Rob waits in the computer lab while Lenni and Alex hide behind the door. Calvin walks in and thinks they're alone. He tells Rob to come clean. He knows all about Ghostwriter.