Season 2 Episode 8

Get The Message Part 4

Aired Unknown Oct 24, 1993 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • It is not revealed until the next mystery that the person writing the frantic message was Frank Flynn, a boy who lived in Jamal's house in 1928.

  • Quotes

    • Alex: Can I please go up to Lenni's for a few minutes? It's really important.
      Mr. Fernandez: No, I don't want you associating with anybody in that family.
      Mrs. Fernandez: Eduardo, that's not fair.
      Mr. Fernandez: What's unfair about asking my children to respect my wishes?
      Mrs. Fernandez: What about their wishes? Aren't things bad enough around here? I think you should be happy that they worked out their problems with their friends.

    • Jamal: Too bad they don't build a mousetrap for art thieves.
      Lenni: Hey, that's it! We lay a trap for O'Conner.

    • Max: I'm sorry I didn't believe you. I guess I got a little crazy when I lost the instruments. If I was thinking clearly I would've realized you would never have done it on purpose. And I'm sorry I disturbed you with my music.
      Mr. Fernandez: I accept your apology.
      Max: Well, you'll have a little piece and quiet anyway...for a while. I, I did order a new keyboard. (They both laugh)

    • Calvin: I'm about to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime. You're the strong silent type. I like that. Means I can trust you to be on my team.
      Rob: What team is that?
      Calvin: I'm starting a new Ghostwriter team, a better team. And I'm selecting you to be my first member. Just think, Rob. With my brilliance and your Ghostwriter connections, the two of us could run the school. The neighborhood. Maybe even the entire city!

    • Rob: Sounds really tempting, Calvin.
      Calvin: Great!
      Rob: But you see, I'm already on a team.
      (Alex and Lenni come out of hiding)
      Alex: And here are a few of us right now.

    • Jamal: Please don't go. We're a team
      Ghostwriter: I don't want to go but this feels very serious.
      Alex: What could be so serious?
      Ghostwriter: You would help if you were in my place.
      Lenni: Of course we'd help if someone was in trouble. That's what the Ghostwriter team is all about.

    • Calvin: Laugh all you want, pack rats. But I do know one thing. The name "Ghostwriter"?
      Lenni: Yeah, and that's all you know.
      Alex: Besides, Ghostwriter would never write to you.
      Calvin: Never say never, pinheads. Never say never!!

    • Jamal: Will you come back?
      Ghostwriter: I hope I can.

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