Season 1 Episode 2

Ghost Story Part 2

Aired Unknown Oct 11, 1992 on PBS
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Ghost Story Part 2
Jamal and Lenni learn that the mysterious being is a spirit that wants to be friends. With no memory of where it came from, they nick name it Ghostwriter. Jamal goes to see Alex Fernandez, a friend of Lenni's, to help decipher a coded message he found in his locker and in the park. Now, Ghostwriter decides to write to Alex, too.moreless

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    Marcella Lowery

    Marcella Lowery

    Grandma CeCe Jenkins

    David Lopez

    David Lopez

    Alex Fernandez

    Blaze Berdahl

    Blaze Berdahl

    Lenni Frazier

    Todd Alexander

    Todd Alexander

    Rob Baker (1992-1993)

    Mayteana Morales

    Mayteana Morales

    Gaby Fernandez (1992-94)

    Tram-Anh Tran

    Tram-Anh Tran

    Tina Nguyen

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      • Jamal and Lenni: (Type to Ghostwriter) Don't be afraid. We care about you too. We'll be your friends. Then you won't be lonely. We'll write to you.

      • Jamal: (Types) "Why do you live in my computer?"
        Ghostwriter: What is a computer?
        Lenni and Jamal: Oh no.
        Ghostwriter: I feel lost.
        Lenni: Let's tell him where he is. (Types) "You are in Jamal's room. Brooklyn, New York.
        The United States." Is that enough?
        Jamal: (Types) Earth. The universe.
        Ghostwriter: Oh.

      • Jamal: Do you believe in ghosts?
        Grandma Cece: Well I hope you're not planning on leaving me here all by myself with that question! (Polishes the trumpet) No, I don't. Unless they're the good friendly kind who live in memories and things. Why'd you ask? What've you been seeing lately?
        Jamal: Nothing, just thinking.

      • Gaby: But you don't ever see their faces because they wear these weird looking masks.
        Jamal: Weird masks?
        Gaby: Yeah. These humongous bulging eyes and snotty twisted noses and warts and moles on every inch of their skin...
        Alex: All right!! All right! We get the picture!

      • Alex: (Reads) "Alex, lover of mysteries"? Oh wow, Jamal, what's going on?
        Jamal: It's Ghostwriter, man. He's writing to you.
        Alex: Ghostwriter?!

      • Lenni: What do we call him?
        Jamal: I don't know. He said he was a person, or at least he used to be.
        Lenni: (startled) You mean he's a ghost?
        Jamal: I don't know. Maybe we can call him...
        Lenni: Ghostperson!
        Jamal: Ghostperson? Like what, "Yo, Ghostperson"?
        Lenni: Okay, how about Ghostwriter?
        Jamal: Now you're talking. He's a ghost and he writes to us. Ghostwriter!

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