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  • A show about a group of kids and a ghost. They solve crimes and also unlike most shows for children, grow and develope as charecters.

    This was a great show about a ghost who could only write and see words. The ghost along with a group of kids would work together to solve mystrys in 4 part episodes. What I loved most about ghost writter was learning about ghostwritter himself. Finding out his past and why exactly he had come to this group of kids. However we never really knew I did enjoy when they would question it. I also enjoyed the addition of new charecters everyonce and awhile and I loved how this show was intresting enough for kids as well as adults. It is everything a show for kids should be and I wish I could have just found out who exactly Ghostwritter was!
  • One of the Top 5 best shows ever made

    I love this show and I wish it was on DVD so i can watch it. I hope the make new episodes and also air the old ones soon. I remember i used to wake up 4 years or so ago at 6 am to watch this on noggin. I wonder why they got rid of this show. If you watch it once you will be hooked on it.
  • Ghostwriter is a great show about group of kids from many different backgrounds who are united together by a ghost like entity that doesn't know who he is but can read anything, together with the courageous kids he has chosen they solve complex mysteries,

    Ghostwriter is and always be a classic show. This show was a show that was interesting, different, and go kids involved. The thing that made Ghostwriter special was they didn't have to be otherwordly, the kids didn't have to have powers, they only needed their brains. Ghostwriter should definitely be put on dvd, or defintely re-made. Ghostwriter was a 10 and will forever be a 10.
  • A well-made and influential show, Ghostwriter is an entertaining and interesting show.

    Why was this show cancelled? It deserves another go-around, considering the leading kids shows out there today (why did this end while Teletubbies and Boobah live on?). It is interesting to both kids and adults while stilll being appropriate for kids (if a bit scary for them at times). I will never forget the influence this show had on me, and I can only wish that experience could be had by other kids as well.
  • An influential show that I'll miss greatly.

    'Ghostwriter' is a show I used to watch all the time when I was a little kid. It was like a daily fix, and I thought all the mysteries were so entertaining, and I couldn't wait for the next episode to air. I even had my older sister watching it with me, and even though she'd never admit it, she liked it to.

    I was really sad once I found out that it was cancelled and no more new episodes would air. But, then I found out they had 'The New Ghostwriter Mysteries'! Too bad they weren't as good, and they only lasted a few episodes.

    Ghostwriter was a classic show, and I'll remember it for a long time.

  • I find this show absolutely funny; just not at the times they intended it to be.

    Watching a tape of this show in 2006 is very humorous. This show was a favorite of mine on weekday mornings when I had nothing to watch. I was cleaning out my room and found the tape and put it right into my VCR. It was funny- just not when the writers wanted it to be. I found myself cracking up at all the cheesy lines and the noise the ghostwriter made when he "wrote to them". Don't get me wrong. This isn't meant to be a mean review. I find this show genuinely entertaining. It just isn't the first tape I would pick up.
  • A floating ghost ball thing helps kids solve mysteries...crazy!

    Haha. i haven't seen this show in a while! i miss it!

    i used to love this show. Ghostwriter was a lot of fun and i loved it a lot. Not much to say, since i don't remember a whole lot about it. I just remember that i never liked to miss an episode. And they had some sequel thing or spin off or whatever, and it was really stupid...haha. it had like 3 british kids or something? and they had their own ghost writer...i dunno. i remember one episode where these kids used a secret code with the alphabet and the word Zebra or something...i dunno!

    anyway, i loved this show! i miss it alot! haha!
  • Ghostwriter-what a trip!

    Live action kids (not Scooby and Friends) solving mysteries with the help of a floating orb/ghost. That was a genius premise, because but for Scooby Doo, it hadn't even been attempted before. I didn't miss a single episode of this show when I was a kid. I would wake up Sunday mornings (when it aired on PBS in my hometown) just to see Jamal, Alex, Gaby and the gang chase after the truth. The little romances that they'd add to the plot didn't hurt either. I was co caught up I even joined the Ghostwriter fan club-a show of my geekdom, I know. I loved this show as a kid because it was set in a 'cool place', New York City, the kids were from diverse backgrounds, which I could relate to. It was an awesome part of my childhood.
  • What happened???

    Okay, so I was on a few months ago, when I ran across a group that was all about Ghost Writer, and it got me wondering, what ever happene to that show??? It was incredible! I mean, a bunch of kids solving crimes with the help of a ghost that spelled things, literally out for them. It was the best show ever! I remember watching it in my 3rd grade class. Our teacher would get a TV and bring it to our classroom just so we could watch it. Why was it cancelled?? And will it ever be on DVD?? I know quite a few people who would be more than happy to buy this show on DVD. Okay, so this isn't one of my best reviews, but I did love this show and I really do want it to come out on DVD, so I can watch it whenever I want.
  • this was a strannnge show

    Okay, so Ghostwriter is about this few teens, or preteens that find a "Ghostwrite" on their computer or something and they pretty much use Ghostwriter to solve cases. It was on in the 90s (mid-late) it was extremely cheesy, but always made me laugh. One of the guys from the show was actually on Real World which was pretty crazy, but the show was... different like i said it was extremely cheesy and pretty goofy, but i liked how they solved cases, and it showed what team work does. I wouldnt ask for the networks to bring the show back because i def. think that its past its time and that we can think of better things. but it wasnt a bad show.. i actually enjoyed it =D
  • Now here is a show that has not been on TV in a long time! This is one of those shows that I have not watched in a very long time and would like to see again!

    Ghostwriter is what I'd call a "children's drama". It was a show about kids who solved mysteries. My favorite character on there was Gaby. Oh man! I really want to see it again, because I really don't remember much of anything about the show. I was only around 8 or 9 years old when I watched it! What hapeened to it? I know it went off the air, but why? Did it get cancelled? If so, then what for? Now that's a mystery!
  • love love love it!

    i really love it!

    it was one of the first shows i whatched and i loved it! i even had a pen like the ones they had xD!

    i remenber tons of things and i learned Lenni's song =P!

    i loved it because the cases were fun and interesting. each of them were unique!

    i miss it to much =[ my favorite character was Gaby althought sometimes hse annoyed me x]!

    my favourite episode was the one of London hahaha and the one when they travelled back in time! those were awesome! I also loved the first episode!

    it's a great show. really love it! ^____________^!
  • A really great show

    This was a very entertaining show that millions of little kids watched. My favorite episodes were Attack of the Slime Monster, Who is Max Mouse?,and Just in Time. Also the one where Jamal went to England, but I can't remember the title right now. The second series doesn't compare with this one.
  • THiS WUZ A GREAT SHOW!!! Ghostwriter was the story of a group of New York City kids, brought together by the spiritual being known as "Ghostwriter". The kids work together, with

    Ghostwriter was the story of a group of New York City kids, brought together by the spiritual being known as "Ghostwriter". The kids work together, with Ghostwriter's help, to solve the mysteries they encounter. The series featured a cast of widely different ethnic groups, and focused on the concept of "making reading fun." The show was renewed for one year as The New Ghostwriter Mysteries" on CBS. Ghostwriter was the story of a group of New York City kids, brought together by the spiritual being known as "Ghostwriter". The kids work together, with
  • "Ghostwriter" proved that reading and writing could be fun and educational through a series of mysteries. Cases were solved thanks to a team of six kids, their hometown Brooklyn, and one fantastic friend called Ghostwriter.

    In a world awash with unimaginative children's programming, inappropriate dialog, and overly disciplined rules, one show stood out above the rest. "Ghostwriter" fans will always remember the kid team who ran around New York cracking codes and solving mysteries. Some people have teased the show for its early 90's look of colorful outfits, trendy headgear, mild rap music, and brief introduction to the internet. But the show didn't reek of ignorance like some programs of today. The kids were hip in their time but the messages are timeless. While the Ghostwriter team worked on solving mysteries, they also learned about family feuds, environmentalism, drug abuse, violence, and war remembrance.

    So who IS Ghostwriter? We don't know. In the pilot episode, a ghost suddenly pops out of a book in the basement of Jamal Jenkins. He's depicted as a bubble that floats around the screen before diving into books or a computer. Ghostwriter cannot hear or talk. It takes Jamal and his friend Lenni Frazer a few tries until they realize he can only communicate through words. Ghostwriter doesn't remember who he is or where he came from but he does want to "protect the children". The enigma surrounding Ghostwriter never went away but the idea of a word-searching ghost caught on. Because Ghostwriter can move from afar, he's able to transmit clues and tips back to the team and their notebooks. He can surf the internet and even time travel.

    Ghostwriter may not be able to speak or hear but he can "feel" what's going on at times. In "Get the Message" the team got into a terrible fight and all of the hatred and rage almost erased Ghostwriter forever. But when they need his help, he gladly gives them advice with personal problems. In "Am I Blue", Gaby regrets stealing and lying to buy a costume. She spells out words to Ghostwriter on a Scrabble board describing her problems. In a touching scene, he assists her in writing out an apology letter to her parents.

    The acting on the kids' behalf seemed overly enthusiastic for some viewers but let's not forget--this was a children's program. Exaggeration is necessary to let a young audience know what's going on. I remember watching this show at 10 years old and feeling relieved when they explained the clues carefully and even repeated necessary information so I'd catch on. And the kids ARE enjoyable to watch in action: creative, outgoing, different, and enthusiastic. New York is the perfect setting for ethnic diversity and watching them run around Brooklyn like a personal playground feels more natural than a Hollywood scene.

    Jamal is the unofficial leader of the team. Levelheaded and easygoing, he prefers talking things over instead of fighting. Jamal enjoys science and karate. Lenni Frazer is an aspiring song writer who lives with her father above the Fernandez bodega. The Fernandez siblings are Alex and Gaby. They can get on each other's nerves but they care a lot about each other. Gaby enjoys talking and being in the spotlight while Alex is a detective wannabee, often carrying around a mystery novel. The four of them founded the team in the pilot mystery, "Ghost Story."

    The team branched out to more members after Vietnamese-American Tina was able to read the words that Ghostwriter manipulated. The kids established a ceremony to initiate their new members. Tina is an aspiring filmmaker who's video camera has caught some interesting footage for their mysteries. She also shares a romantic relationship with Alex. Rob is a quiet eccentric boy who enjoys writing down poems and stories. He seems shy at first but his good intentions have helped others, such as clearing the name of a former gang member who was wrongly accused of vandalism in their school. The show has introduced a variety of adversaries from egotistical businessmen to menacing bullies to revenge-driven cartoonists but Calvin Ferguson is the team's ongoing protagonist. A boastful nosy student, Calvin is jealous of the team's success and has attempted many times to unlock their secrets. He's managed to realize they've got a supernatural friend but the team has stopped Calvin from knowing too much about Ghostwriter.

    One of the hardest challenges for "Ghostwriter" was addressing difficult topics such as violence and drugs in a realistic environment. How do you do that on a PBS kid-oriented show? The brilliance of "Ghostwriter" was to do it through the creative stories and compelling characters. And to do it through writing. In "What's Up with Alex", Alex starts to shirk his responsibilities at home and is tempted to try marijuana because his "cool" friend Kevin uses it. He is deeply touched when his sister writes a letter begging him not to do dangerous things and he turns his choices around. There's the time Rob visits his friend Victor Torres and notices Quincy is wheelchair bound--a result of a gang war. That's enough to teach the audience the consequences of street violence.

    The show took a slight downhill turn when Rob left the team and was replaced by Hector. Nevertheless, over two seasons of successful stories plus "Ghostwriter" books and poster made it a smashing success. When this comes out officially on DVD, I'm reserving my copy of "Ghostwriter", getting a notebook, and writing down the clues because the team will be one the case!!
  • ANother childhood classic!

    ANother childhood classic!

    This is one of those shows which remind me of my childhood. I remember watching this show every week, and it was very exciting for me to watch, especially when they were solving the mysteries.

    One of the few cast members I remember is Jamaal, and the last episode I remember is the one wherein they were trapped in a cave, and ghostwriter still was helping them through stones.

    I hope that I could be able to watch this series again, so that I would be reminded of my childhood. lol Maybe I'll try to look for tapes or DVD's of this one sometime :P
  • i loved this show i want it back

    ghostwritters - it is awsome. it teaches you while having fun. i loved this show i want it back. i wathed it all the time it was my fav show ever.i miss it very much.- - - - - - - ---- ------- -- -- -- --- -- -- ----m m- - -- -- - - - - - - - - - - :( i miss it lol lol lol lol ah miss it alot lol lol lol lol lol lol joke i miss ghost writters it is awsome it teaches you while having fun i loved this show i want it back
  • A great show from the past!

    I loved this show when I was a kid. I would watch it every Sunday night before I went to bed. As a child I love the storylines and loved to tune in every week to see what was going to happen next.

    They did so many things on that show and they touched so many different topics. I learned so much from watching it!

    I can honestly say that this is one of the shows that I will never forget about as I grow older. I can only hope that my children will have a show like this to enjoy and learn from.
  • I give this show a 9.9 because while it's not a perfect show, it just may be the perfect kids' show. Compelling acting, strong storylines and multiracial cast that doesn't feel forced or artificial are just a few of its virtues.

    Ghostwriter was one of the best shows on television, bar none. It follows the stories of a group of kids and their invisible pal ghostwriter, a ghost with no physical presence, but with the ability to read, write and reconfigure text anywhere on the planet. The series follows these kids as they endeavor to solve mysteries and thwart crimes in their local Brooklyn neighborhood, aided in their sleuthing by their otherworldly friend.

    Another great success (along with Square One) of the brilliant but under-funded Children's Television Workshop, this is one of the few shows that encourages kids to read and write, while teaching them some valuable deductive reasoning and problem solving skills, without coming across as cheesy or preachy. Looking back on the show now as an adult, I find it almost as enjoyable and entertaining as I did when I was a kid, and I can see how this show actually encouraged some positive developments in my own pursuit of creative and expository writing. How many television shows can really do that successfully and still be compelling plot-wise? Very few, I'd venture to say. Hooray for Ghostwriter and the Ghostwriter team!
  • TV isn't what it used to be. I wish this show could come back in reruns. So many childhood memories. I remember my sisters and I used to play Ghostwriter outside of watching the show.

    A really amazing show. A great way for kids to learn how to read and a write as well as see that these things can be fun. Great way for kids to kind of be involved in what is going on by keeping up with the facts and clues. One of my favorite shows to watch growing up. I like that I could be involved in solving cases just watching from my home on tv. I really do hope that they would bring this show back in reruns so that kids now could see what good kid shows looked like. Even if there was a newer show but something better than what the tried to do after the show was cancelled from PBS.
  • Wow I loved this show

    This used to be my favorite show growing up. The few channels i did have, im thankful i had pbs. I used to make sure i had this show recorded on my vhs so i could watch them just in case i wasnt home. I actually have the first two seasons on dvd now and the first parts of season 3. (i think the first to episodes of season 3). So season 1, 2, and part of 3. but anyways anyone interested ley me know. this was a childhood favorite. probably one of my most missed shows. it didnt last long enough. i woulda loved to see several more seasons. peace
  • Brings back memories.

    I remember watching Ghostwriter when I was a little kid. This show was really good and it kind of scared the crap out of me some times. I remember that certain episodes creeped me out to the point where I had nightmares. But I still watched the show because it always had something good. My favorite aspects were the mystery and the points where the ghostwriter would appear and give clues. It was often very suspenseful and had some clever storylines. I liked the fact that the writers did a nice job of making the show interesting to little kids. Overall, a good show. Thank you.
  • Ghostwriter was a show intended to promote literacy in children, but was really just a fun show about a group of mystery-solving kids and a ghost who helped them.

    Ghostwriter was a PBS show about a group of Brooklyn-based kids who solved neighborhood mysteries. The kids were brought together by a ghost (who looked like a tennis ball-sized glowing light) who wrote to him. They named him "Ghostwriter" because he could only communicate by reading and writing. Only his chosen kids could see him.

    The kids all kept casebooks (small notebooks) and wore pens on a string around their necks to that they could write down clues to their cases at any time. The audience at home was encouraged to follow along and try to solve the cases with the Ghostwriter team. (The show was promoting literacy, but honestly as a kid I never noticed that aspect of it. It was just a cool show to watch.)

    The team started out with five members: Jamal, Lenni, Tina, Alex, and Gaby. Rob was added early in the first season. The cast went through some changes, losing Rob early in season 2, gaining Hector in season 2 and Casey in season 3, and re-casting the role of Gaby in season 3.

    The acting and production quality weren't great, but they weren't really issues either. If you were a fan of the show then the nostalgia factor alone should make the episodes enjoyable forever.
  • Meddling kids who solve mysteries with the help of a meddling ghost! Priceless!

    If there is a show which characterizes this kind of shows, than this is the one... A group of kids who investigate mysteries that happen near where they live. The group is composed by seven members (originally just four members) as well by one MIA member, one member in Australia, two members in England, and three members in 1928... A really strange but interesting group. But the main characters are Jamal Jenkins (he was the first one who Ghostwriter appeared to), Lenni Frazier, Alex and Gaby Fernandéz, Tina Nguyen and Rob Baker, and the story of the series revolves around them and the ways they find to stay one step ahead of everyone, all thanks to their good friend "Ghostwriter". The character of Ghostwriter is incredibly complex, and even though we never find out who he truly is, many clues are given to the main characters and to the audience as to who he really is. Some of the clues are these: He was a man when he was alive, but is now a ghost / He wanted to protect "the children" / He can only be seen by those to whom he reveals himself / He was alive before the F.B.I. was formed / He was alive before Walt Disney became famous. All these clues and many more lead us to suspect that the true identity of "Ghostwriter" is actually the ghost of Reverend Charles Dodgson, commonly known as Lewis Carroll, the author of the book Alice in Wonderland and its sequel. This mystery and others are just one of the many reasons why this series is so good.

    In my own opinion, it's a crossover between Scooby-Doo and C.S.I., and a 10 is just the right number to charcterize this show.
  • I watched literally every episode! You should too!

    Who can forget the attack of the slime monster?! This show sparked my interest as a detective when I was young. I kept a journal with this show and always formed predictions of the outcome of the case in my head while watching. The actors may be young, but they definitely play their role! Great for youth and curious kids to see!
  • I played stoopdude.

    I had an awesome time filming this and it was great to have a scene with Spike Lee!!Never knew this show was so impactful. my name is Mike I approve this show!