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  • I give this show a 9.9 because while it's not a perfect show, it just may be the perfect kids' show. Compelling acting, strong storylines and multiracial cast that doesn't feel forced or artificial are just a few of its virtues.

    Ghostwriter was one of the best shows on television, bar none. It follows the stories of a group of kids and their invisible pal ghostwriter, a ghost with no physical presence, but with the ability to read, write and reconfigure text anywhere on the planet. The series follows these kids as they endeavor to solve mysteries and thwart crimes in their local Brooklyn neighborhood, aided in their sleuthing by their otherworldly friend.

    Another great success (along with Square One) of the brilliant but under-funded Children's Television Workshop, this is one of the few shows that encourages kids to read and write, while teaching them some valuable deductive reasoning and problem solving skills, without coming across as cheesy or preachy. Looking back on the show now as an adult, I find it almost as enjoyable and entertaining as I did when I was a kid, and I can see how this show actually encouraged some positive developments in my own pursuit of creative and expository writing. How many television shows can really do that successfully and still be compelling plot-wise? Very few, I'd venture to say. Hooray for Ghostwriter and the Ghostwriter team!
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