Ghostwriter - Season 2

PBS (ended 1995)


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Episode Guide

  • What's Up With Alex? Part 4
    The team interviews all the Dragon players but the most likely culprit, Spencer, insists that he's innocent. Ghostwriter picks up bizzare new purchases in exchange for cash. Alex works with Jamal and Jeffery on their urban studies project but his real call to action turns up when Kevin is in danger.moreless
  • What's Up With Alex? Part 3
    Alex finally realizes that it's not right for him to be around a drug user and he breaks off all ties with Kevin. The team helps him write an aplogy letter to his parents. Closer looks at Tina's video brings another clue: the locker thief is a Dragon's player. Alex discovers someone attacking Kevin in an alley.moreless
  • What's Up With Alex? Part 2
    The Ghostwriter team forms a stakeout near a grungy body shop where they tape someone selling stolen goods to Big Ralph--but the culprit's true identity is still unknown. Alex is being pressured by Kevin, who offers him marijuana several times. Gaby is fearful for her big brother but Ghostwriter helps her compose a letter that speaks the truth from her heart.moreless
  • What's Up With Alex? Part 1
    Tina is one of many kids at Hurston who have had their lockers broken into and valuables stolen. Alex says he'll help the team on the new case but something is different. Ever since he's been friends with Kevin and joined the Dragons basketball team, Alex has been shirking his responsibilities and arguing with his family.moreless
  • Don't Stop The Music Part 4
    Jamal gets a letter informed that he has been accepted in the high school of science. Sonia takes Lenni's finished tape to MTV but on the way there she is mugged and the tape is stolen. Lenni sends Ghostwriter to where the tape might be. The team sets a trap to catch the person who is trying to stop Jade's job and Lenni's dream.moreless
  • Don't Stop The Music Part 3
    Lenni starts to regret the music video but her friends are hot on the case. Ghostwriter's evidence makes her realize some people might not be honest with her. Somebody leaves behind strange notes for Jade Morgan and Lenni is almost hurt on the set. Is the culprit after Jade or Lenni? Meanwhile, Casey is in for a surprise herself.

  • Don't Stop The Music Part 2
    Lenni is ecstatic about the music video but when they start shooting it, disasters keep happening. The team thinks somebody is trying to sabotoge the set. In between breaks they write down all suspects in the studio including a grudging technician and makeup artist. Jamal is having his hands full with his annoying little cousin, Casey Austin.moreless
  • Don't Stop The Music Part 1
    Lenni, Max and Sally are all watching Lenni's video from the Star Jam episode Building Bridges. Just then, they get a call from Smash Records. Jade Morgan is inspired by the video and wants Lenni to star her in a music video. Lenni has writer's block so she writes a song about self-confidence. Jade is inspired by the song and decides to allow the team to be in the video.moreless
  • Who Is Max Mouse? Part 4
    The team challenges Max Mouse to a game of "ghost" while Ghostwriter heads through cyberspace to catch the hacker. But there's a big risk at stake. If they lose, Max Mouse will pin the crimes on Jamal and Lenni. Everyone must work together to trap that rat once and for all.moreless
  • Who Is Max Mouse? Part 3
    The team creates their own screen name and together they challenge Max Mouse to some online games. Ghostwriter searches for the phone numbers of their suspects including someone named "Red Parrot". Hector gets some tutoring from Alex on how to face up to a bully. Just then Lenni and Jamal's names and phone numbers appear on the police suspect list.moreless
  • Who Is Max Mouse? Part 2
    Max Mouse continues to wreak havoc in Hurston. Jamal, Lenni, and other kids have their grades changed on report cards. When too many false alarms go off and a child is almost killed, Ms. Kelly has had enough. Max Mouse refuses to back down so the team keeps track of their three suspects: Calvin, Erica and Janice.moreless
  • Who Is Max Mouse? Part 1
    A dangerous hacker named Max Mouse has broken into the school computers, sending false alarms and getting Jasmine arrested. The team uses a discarded password to get into Hurston's computer system with shocking results. Meanwhile, Lenni is disgusted to find out that Calvin likes her.
  • Lost In Brooklyn Part 4
    Safria is accidentally locked in the hotel's storage closet. Luckily, Ghostwriter reads the stuff and informs the team where she is. Safria is rescued by Malenga. Hector agrees to join the team and take Rob's place and Rob says farewell to the team.
  • Lost In Brooklyn Part 3
    Malenga finds one of the paintings and realizes that Safria is in New York. Jamal runs into his best friend Rob. Rob arrives at Lenni's house but he has some terrible news. His mom just got a new job in Australia and he just returned to get ready to go. Malenga contacts the team. Malenga and Tina arrive at the hotel. Tina prays for Safria to be all right.moreless
  • Lost In Brooklyn Part 2
    Safria and Tina go on a city search for Malenga. Meanwhile, Alex is tutoring a young student named Hector. Safria has a fight with her father and storms off.
  • Lost In Brooklyn Part 1
    An African exchange student arrives in Hurston and Tina befriends her. Safria explains to Tina that years ago her brother wanted to become an artist. Her father disapproved, they had a fight and Malenga accidentally hit him. Ever since that day Safria's father hasn't forgiven him and won't allow his name to be mentioned. Safria tells Tina that Malenga has been writing anonymous letters to her. She and Tina decide to go on a city search for Malenga.moreless
  • Just In Time Part 4
    Just In Time Part 4
    Episode 12
    The Ghostwriter team knows history must be fixed in 1928 for things to turn out right in 1993. They sift through old newspapers to discover the truth. Ghostwriter is exhausted from traveling but he manages to send one final message back to Frank, Catherine, and Lucy about when and where to find the criminal. Will he get there in time? What does Frank have to do with Jamal’s father? Has Ghostwriter vanished forever?moreless
  • Just In Time Part 3
    Just In Time Part 3
    Episode 11
    The team in 1993 sifts for clues through Jamal’s basement, which was Frank's bedroom in 1928. Lucy has been reading Frank's private letters stashed inside a wall. The team wonders what their mission is and Ghostwriter says, “Help Frank become a doctor”. Jamal’s father suddenly gets sick and the team realizes that history will change unless they help Frank catch the robber.moreless
  • Just In Time Part 2
    Just In Time Part 2
    Episode 10
    Ghostwriter asks the team to help prove that Frank is innocent. They send Ghostwriter back to 1928 with instructions how to make a casebook. Frank and Catherine are shocked to discover the team exists in 1993. They start a list of suspects including Lucy, Catherine’s little sister, and Mrs. O'Boyle, the housekeeper. Both of them hate Frank. A chase outside almost gets Frank and Catherine caught by the coal man, another suspect.moreless
  • Just In Time Part 1
    An orphan named Frank is being accused of theft in his foster home. He and his friend Catherine are contacted by Ghostwriter, who wants to help them. He returns to the team but they're confused about where he's been. More specifically, when he's been. Ghostwriter has traveled back to 1928!
  • Get The Message Part 4
    With the team united and Calvin out of the way, all six kids set a trap to catch the art thief. Lenni, Alex, and Gaby encourage their fathers to make up. The team celebrates with a victory party but a distress call beckons Ghostwriter to leave. “Don’t be afraid my children, but I must go,” he writes.moreless
  • Get The Message Part 3
    Calvin has sent out practical joke messages to tear the team apart for good. But Jamal and Rob write a letter reminding their teammates of all the great times they've had together. Is it enough to bring Ghostwriter back? Meanwhile, Calvin approaches Rob in the computer lab with a special proposition.moreless
  • Get The Message Part 2
    Jamal thinks the culprit is connected to local art robberies but nobody will work with him on the case. Calvin tricks Rob into telling him about Ghostwriter and is eager to exploit their secrets. Jamal fears that if the team doesn't stop fighting, Ghostwriter will disappear forever.
  • Get The Message Part 1
    When Mr. Fernandez's truck crashes into Max Frazier’s band instruments, both parents gets into a fierce argument over the cause of the accident. Blood runs hot between the families as Lenni and Alex side with their fathers and rest of the team starts to break up. It doesn't help when their rival, Calvin Ferguson, is snooping around.moreless
  • Am I Blue? Part 4
    Am I Blue? Part 4
    Episode 4
    Ghostwriter helps Gaby write an apology letter to her parents to smooth things out. The thief is still at large and the team doesn't think it's Calvin anymore. Gaby's knowledge about Galaxy Girl is helpful in finding the real culprits. When QTC-5000 makes a surprise return, the team catches them "blue handed".moreless
  • Am I Blue? Part 3
    Am I Blue? Part 3
    Episode 3
    Gaby is overwhelmed with guilt and bad dreams for her mistakes but Alex stands by his sister. Her friends agree to help clear Gaby's name. Calvin steals Alex's casebook and tries tricking the team into telling him who "GW" is. They think the thief is an ex-actor from the TV show but a new note by the culprit is signed "Galaxy Girl's #1 fan".moreless
  • Am I Blue? Part 2
    Am I Blue? Part 2
    Episode 2
    Gaby's room is trashed and the culprit has taken QTC-5000. Gaby admits she stole money from her parents but McQuaid believes she stole the space model as well. The team thinks Calvin is behind all this trouble though Ghostwriter's clues prove otherwise. Rob and Lenni are forced to make a painful choice by adding a new suspect to the Ghostwriter casebook: Gaby Fernandez.moreless
  • Am I Blue? Part 1
    Am I Blue? Part 1
    Episode 1
    Gaby's favorite television heroine, Galaxy Girl, is coming to Brooklyn for a live performance. Gaby is flat broke so she "borrows" money from the bodega to buy herself a Galaxy Girl costume. Things take a bad turn when the show's space model, QTC-5000, is stolen off the stage...and ends up in Gaby's toy chest.moreless