Ghostwriter - Season 3

PBS (ended 1995)


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Episode Guide

  • A Crime Of Two Cities Part 1
    Jamal is having a blast during Christmas vacation in London. While touring the city with his new friend Becky Wentwood, a cyclist crashes into Jamal and leaves behind some bizzare papers. Becky and her brother Sam work with Jamal to crack the code.
  • Four Days Of The Cockatoo Part 2
    Cassie is frustrated when she can't be with her mother so Jenkins do their best to make her feel at ease. Gaby nicknames her bird "Calypso" and discovers that he's a rare endangered species. A scheming woman named Honey Hawk is tracking Gaby and Calypso down by order of her boss, Mr. Poulet.moreless
  • Four Days Of The Cockatoo Part 1
    While looking for cans in a dumpster, Gaby finds a rare and exotic palm cockatoo. She convinces her father to let her keep it at a pet, unaware that somebody is looking for the cockatoo. Cassie drops back in town for a visit but Jamal learns his cousin has a reason to be there.moreless
  • A Crime Of Two Cities Part 4
    Without Jamal to help them, Becky and Sam must contact the rest of the team in New York and warn them about the kidnapping. The last clue is inside a Sophie Madison book and it's a race against time to stop a story from coming true. But will the team get there in time? And who is going to rescue Jamal?moreless
  • Four Days Of The Cockatoo Part 4
    When Gaby and Calypso are captured by the smugglers she writes a message for Ghostwriter to send back. The team tries to pinpoint where Gaby is just as the real agents show up. They warn the kids about two wanted criminals on the loose: Hawke and Poulet.
  • Four Days Of The Cockatoo Part 3
    The team realizes that smugglers are after Calypso and they must get him to an animal protection agency. Two "agents" come take Calypso away but Gaby sees through their disguises and jumps into their truck before it speeds away.
  • A Crime Of Two Cities Part 3
    Jamal, Becky, and Sam are all contacted by Ghostwriter and find out the cyclist, Danny Winkler, is working with Wise Rita. The detectives go searching for Danny but while they're out to foil a kidnapping, Jamal gets kidnapped himself!!
  • A Crime Of Two Cities Part 2
    Jamal finds out the code was written by someone named Wise Rita but there's a bigger problem: a kidnapping is set to take place in New York. Ghostwriter travels over the Atlantic Ocean to warn the team back in America.
  • Attack Of The Slime Monster Part 1
    Casey is writing a scary story for a local contest about "Gooey Gus: the Slime Monster", a doll that spits out grape bubblegum. Casey thinks her story isn't scary enough so she gets the team involved. They take turns writing and leave a cliffhanger with the Slime Monster in a crock pot.moreless
  • Attack Of The Slime Monster Part 3
    Hector is having lots of fun taking control of the story but things are getting sticky: Gooey Gus has grown 6 feet tall in the story and the kids can't find his real weakness. Lenni gets flustered when she hears that Tuan likes her.
  • Attack Of The Slime Monster Part 4
    In the story, the Slime Monster is finally defeated with teamwork and a bottle of vegetable oil. Everyone is impressed with their contributions to Casey's story and they celebrate at a rooftop party. Jamal will be going to a different high school but he promises Lenni and Alex that the Ghostwriter team will always have each other.moreless
  • Attack Of The Slime Monster Part 2
    Alex takes control of the story and writes how he rescues Gaby from the Slime Monster's clutches. Tina convinces Lenni to perform with her brother Tuan at their graduation party but sparks fly between Lenni and Tuan.