Season 1 Episode 18

To The Light Part 1

Aired Unknown Jan 24, 1993 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Lenni says her father lights a candle on the anniversary of her mother's death, a tradition known as yartzeit in Judaism.

  • Quotes

    • Rob: (Reads Double T's first poem)
      "Fierce, fierce, and charging towards me
      I'm now a ship torn apart
      By a dark raging sea
      Save me now, save me now
      No, I've got to flee!"
      Jamal: Woah.
      Rob: Double T told me he puts a piece of himself into every poem.

    • Jamal: Come on man, take a shot at it. All you have to do is write "Rally J" so that people will know to come to my house.
      Rob: I've never called a rally before.
      Jamal: Hey, come on. Seven heads are better than one.
      Rob: Seven?
      Jamal: Yeah, Ghostwriter.

    • Rob: (reads "Saigon")
      "Watermelons and tangerines
      And bowls of steaming rice
      Bicycles and barefoot kids
      And panelled noodle carts
      Turn to sparks before my eyes
      When the siren sounds
      And my helmet falls
      And the bombs pour hard
      On the groaning ground
      Like fat black raindrops
      In the searing Saigon sky"

    • (The team looks at their Hoodman comic)
      Gaby: We all look great. But don't you think my mask is the coolest?
      Alex: Uh, yeah, Gaby.
      Gaby: Thanks.
      Alex: It covers most of your face!

    • Grandma Cece: Goodbye, Winston. You haven't seen the last of Cece Jenkins, letter carrier extraordinaire!

    • Team: (reads "To the Light")
      "My corner's grown into a jail
      Lined with cold thick cement
      And so I bang and I bust and I break my way free
      Beam myself toward a light
      At the long tunnel's end
      Lay a flame near sacred names
      Lonely letters by the sea
      Cry out to me."

    • Jamal: What does "light at the long tunnel's end" mean?
      Ghostwriter: A chance for hope.

    • Colonel Baker: I don't want you getting mixed up in any business that isn't yours. Now listen to me. This homeless man could be dangerous.
      Rob: You don't understand! Double T is my friend.
      Colonel Baker: Just take it easy.
      Rob: (yells) No! I'm going to find him whether you help me or not!

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