Season 1 Episode 26

Who's Who Part 4

Aired Unknown Mar 28, 1993 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • One of the names on the guest list at Lana Barnes' ceremony is "Norma Jeane Baker", which is the real name of famous movie star Marilyn Monroe.

  • Quotes

    • Lenni: Are you all right, sir?
      Mr. Swarmworth: I'll be all right for the rest of my life. I was almost crushed to death at the feet of the great Lana Barnes!!

    • (Gaby finds Rob, gagged and bound, in the dressing room)
      Gaby: I knew it! (Unties Rob)
      Rob: Hurry, we've got to stop her. She's crazy! Boy is she strong!!

    • Tina: (Reads the new speech Ghostwriter found) "Ladies and gentlemen, I deserve this award. I worked hard. No actress could have done what I did."
      Gaby: I've never heard Lana talk like that! She sounds so angry.
      Tina: Lana writes the way she feels. Where's the friendliness?
      Gaby: Where's the Pookies?
      Tina: Where's the phone?

    • Janine: (Crying) My mother, the great movie actress, is too busy writing her speech to speak to me, her own daughter. It's always the same. No time for Janine.
      Tina: Don't go, Janine. Lana loves you.

    • Lana: I have wrestled with this speech so many times but somehow, now it seems inappropriate. I think it's time my fans got a peek at the real Lana Barnes. So tonight, I'm ditching my speech. Your friendship, your love, has given me the courage to speak to you from my heart.

    • Lana: Oh Tina, you're a peppermint lifesaver!

    • Alex: Were you knocked out?
      Lana: Like a punch drunk fighter!

    • Rob: Now we can keep an eye on all our suspects.
      Gaby: And if they try to spoil Lana's big night, they're going to have to deal with the Ghostwriter team!! Ki-ya!!! (Karate kicks)

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