G.I. Joe (1990)

Season 2 Episode 20

Legend of Metal-Head

Aired Unknown Jan 20, 1992 on USA



  • Trivia

    • After Metal-Head sings and when he arrives at Cobra HQ with the damaged Overkill in a wheelbarrow, he loses his mustache.

  • Quotes

    • Metal-Head: After that shattering experience, Cobra Commander thought that I should go back to school!

    • Metal-Head: As a reward for doing such a good job, Cobra Commander sent me to Cobra World for some "R n' R"

    • Metal-Head: Wow, I did so good, my buddy Cobra Commander asigned me to go undercover at my high school reunion to snare a secret formula!

    • Metal-Head: Next, Cobra Commander asked yours truly to help those dumb Joes in the war on drugs. I had to show them how to fight!

    • Metal-Head: My most embarrassing moment. But Metal-Head never gives up. No matter how much that bucket of bolts puts me down, I keep on trucking!

    • Metal-Head: Yo! It's me, Metal-Head! Cobra Commander thinks I'm so great, he's been giving me special assignments. So, I told him I wanna be a rock and roll star and destroy New York City at the same time! (laughs) Boom! Bang! I even wrote a song about myself! It's a monster!

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