G.I. Joe (1990)

USA (ended 1992)


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  • A Decent Show

    This is a decent show to me. It's not the best thing ever but it's Ok. It even has one of my favorite voice actors, Maurice LaMarche as well as some other voice actors like Scott McNeil. It's sad that most people don't remember this show but it's decent, It's no masterpeice or the Sunbow series.
  • not GI JOE at all, just mere advertisements

    the sunbow cartoon series that came out in 1985 is the real GI JOE series. this 1990 version isn't honoring the tenets of the original joes, this one have bad stories, poor visualizations, it just wasn't the GI JOE that we used to know. GI JOE was supposed to be a battle between good and evil, this version was more like big kids playing tag at someone's backyard. there's not a spec of a plot in this version, it's wasted scenes of demolished equipment, nothing else. this version had a bad concept, it's not entertaining and it's a poorly conceived idea.