G.I. Joe (1990) - Season 2

USA (ended 1992)


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Episode Guide

  • Legend of Metal-Head
    This episode shows us how Metal-Head's life so far looked like. This episode is also a clip collage, but instead of telling us how his life was, Metal-Head sings it!
  • Basic Training
    Basic Training
    Episode 19
    This episode is a clip collage from previous episode, but the voice over tells you how to become a G.I. Joe! Actually it's quite easy: You just have to sign up and go through a really though training for several month.
  • Metal-Head's Reunion
    Susanne Winters and Iron-Grid are invited to their school reunion, but are attacked by Cobra, because they want their new armor formula XR-75. This attempt fails. At the reunion also Metal-Head shows up (with his grandmother as date!) and the boat where the reunion takes place is captured by Cobra. Cobra gets the formula for XR-75, but Metal-Head manages to destroy their fancy underwater base and loose the formula again.moreless
  • Cobra World
    Cobra World
    Episode 17
    Cobra shows up in an amusement park. They surprise the Joes. Everyone is even more surprised when it turns out that Cobra really bought that park. After Cobra opens the park and they look like good guys, they start their plan to dig into the next Fort to steal a lot of gold.moreless
  • Keyboard Warriors
    Keyboard Warriors
    Episode 16
    Cobra has built a new supercomputer to control all their forces. That new mainframe is called ASP and is just finished when two boys access it in the believe it will be a public game computer. They start the war-game and start to attack the Joe bases, not knowing that everything is happening for real. The Joes have to find that ASP fast, but there they get a big surprise, because there are no snakes around.moreless
  • Shadow of a Doubt
    Shadow of a Doubt
    Episode 15
    Cobra Commander gets captured by the Joes and General Hawk is captured by the Cobras. While hostage Cobra Commander can convince Storm Shadow to join Cobra again and they manage to flee. Back at the Cobra base nothing is as it looks like.
  • A is for Android
    A is for Android
    Episode 14
    Cobra has built an Android double of Joe General Hawk. So they capture the really one and replace him with the Android. With the help of the Android Cobra attacks the Joe base, but the real General is able to escape and save his men.
  • The Eliminator
    The Eliminator
    Episode 13
    Cobra attacks a peace conference, but it turns out the be a trap set by the Joes, so Cobra has to retreat. Back home Overkill gets his upgrade and they start the attack on the real conference, held in the Swiss Alps.
  • The Greatest Evil, Part 2
    The Joes and Cobra still fight side by side against the drug dealer Headman. They have trouble to locate the Headman's headquarter. When Headman finds out against who he's fighting he starts to take his own drugs.
  • The Greatest Evil, Part 1
    Cobra plans to steal a shipment of diamonds, but the Joes decide to stop them. The Joes' operation is endangered since a few members are on drugs. As it turns out, the new drug out there is a bigger threat than Cobra.
  • Messenger From The Deep
    A hidden underwater city shows up on the radar of the Joes, when they try to track down several scientists. Meanwhile Cobra Commander thinks that in the city must be hidden treasures and prepares an attack.
  • The Sludge Factor, Part 2
    Cobra plans to destroy huge territories of farmland so their food would become even more valuable. The Joes have to find the new Cobra bases first, before they can think about attacking the Cobras and try to stop them.
  • The Sludge Factor, Part 1
    A company found out how to produce food out of toxic waste and could end world hunger with it. Cobra Commander sees his business with overpriced food in the third world endangered.
  • Long Live Rock & Roll, Part 2
    The Major of New York City decides to surrender after the Cobras start to test their sonic weapons, but the Joes don't give up that easily.
  • Long Live Rock & Roll, Part 1
    In New York City a series of Rock n' Roll concerts are interrupted when the Cobras kidnap several sound engineers. Cobra Commander has the idea to build a sonic weapon.
  • Kindergarten Commandos
    The Cobras has found a new way to control the world: They plan to replace all schoolbooks with their own propaganda. When they burn the old books and some students start to terrorise a city, the Joes get wind of the plan and step in.
  • El Dorado - Lost City of Gold
    The Joes help the country of Peru to get rid of the Cobras, when Grunt is shut down and lands in a lost city made out of gold. There he runs into an old ghost as well.
  • The Sword
    The Sword
    Episode 3
    Cobra tries to find the Sword of Destiny. For that they start a fight with a group of Ninja who are supported by the Joes. Can the Cobra stand up to the combined forces of the Ninja and the Joes?
  • The Chunnel
    The Chunnel
    Episode 2
    It's the big day the chunnel between England and France is opened and the Joes have to protect the event where even the Queen will be present. Cobra Commander has planned his attack all along and grabs the Queen during the opening ceremony.
  • Infested Island
    Infested Island
    Episode 1
    The Joes could relax for some time, since the Cobras were silent. Now the Cobras are back with a new idea to take over the world and destroy the Joes: They try to breed an entire army of giant insects. Of course nobody thought how to control these...