G.I. Joe Extreme

Season 2 Episode 3

A Traitor Among Us

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 04, 1996 on

Episode Recap

At a SKAR facility in Hong Kong, Steel Raven is submitting Clancy to further interrogation, still attempting to glean information from the Joe leader. This is juxtaposed with the information that the man impersonation Clancy on the Joe Team is really Iron Klaw.
At Red McKnox's facility, Sgt. Savage is confronting Metalhead over missing security briefings. Metalhead was the last known person with the briefings, leading Savage to suspect that Metalhead may be in the spy in their midst. As the two begin to fight, they are ordered to run the training course at the facility. As they are in the process of doing so, SKAR forces attack utilizing weapons designed by McKnox.
As the attack is underway, Lt. Stone confronts Clancy inside the base. He calls him out by the name "Iron Klaw," informing him he figured out that he was not the real Clancy because the real Clancy never let anyone see his eyes, while Iron Klaw has removed his sunglasses numerous times. Klaw congratulates him, and then attacks.
Meanwhile, Savage and Metalhead have retreated inside the base. As they are being bombed, Savage gives Metalhead access to a computer terminal in the hopes that the hacker can disrupt SKAR's computer systems on their attacking aircraft.
Having defeated Stone, Iron Klaw contacts "The Council" and informs them of his latest moves. It is also revealed at this time that SKAR is the military wing of the organization that is run by "The Council." What their larger goals are or even who they are is not revealed at this time.
As Metalhead succeeds in disrupting the SKAR aircraft, a message comes through to them from Clancy. It seems Stone is now in a coma, having been badly injured in the attack. Savage and Metalhead are shocked as the scene shifts to a bandaged Stone lying unprotected in a hospital bed...
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