G.I. Joe Extreme

Season 1 Episode 8

Crawling from the Wreckage

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 02, 1995 on

Episode Recap

Beginning in a SKAR operations post, Rampage explains to Inferno the power of his latest weapons technology. The Equalizer, a satellite, can fire a concentrated laser blast anywhere on the globe. Of course the satellite isn't really his, so Rampage intends to steal it. As he tries to bring it on a controlled drop through the atmosphere, he is pushed aside by Inferno who begins randomly hitting buttons. This causes the course of the satellite to change and it crashes down far from its intended location.

Before Rampage can raise further objection, Inferno flees and leaves the weapon's dealer behind to explain what occurred to Iron Klaw. Rampage places the blame for the failure to capture the satellite on Inferno. Iron Klaw dismisses Rampage and says he will send someone else to recover it. He calls in Wreckage, the first successful specimen produced from SKAR's super-soldier program, and orders him to recover the satellite. If he succeeds, Iron Klaw promises him revenge upon the US military.

Meanwhile the Joes are tracking the fallen satellite and trying to move on its location. Metal Head pinpoints its location. Stone sends Freight and Quick Stryke to recover it.

As soon as the Joes arrive at the drop zone, they are attacked by Inferno. Presumably Inferno interfered with Rampage's attempt at reentry so he could get the credit for seizing the satellite. However in the midst of the battle, Wreckage arrives. Freight recognizes the colossal warrior and tries to fight him. Inferno takes the opportunity to try and get to the satellite while everyone else is fighting.

Freight tells Quick Stryke to go after Inferno while he handles Wreckage. Wreckage opens fire on both of them and knocks them out. He then goes after the satellite. He then has a flashback to an Army hospital. He is badly wounded, but is told not to worry because everything will be fine. When he awakens, he has been cybernetically and genetically altered. He screams as the camera pulls back to reveal Iron Klaw hiding in the shadows.

Wreckage awakens in a poor village. Demanding to know what has happened, an old man tells him that they found him wounded in the jungle and brought him in to nurse him back to health. Wreckage demands to know why, to which the old man replies that they thought he could help them finish a dam before their village is flooded. Wreckage agrees to help and quickly finishes the dam with his superior strength.

However once he finishes the dam, he realizes that the satellite he seeks is being used as a cornerstone. He moves to retrieve it, but hesitates when a young girl from the villages begs him not to touch it. Sadly, the Joes arrive at this moment and attack Wreckage. As Freight and Wreckage fight once more, Inferno shows up and seizes the girl as a hostage.

Enraged, Wreckage attacks Inferno and frees the girl. He then destroys the satellite so that Inferno cannot take it. The distraught SKAR officer flees as the dam becomes destabilized. Freight leaps in and helps Wreckage to save the dam. Freight decides, with the satellite destroyed, to leave Wreckage behind and not to apprehend him.

As Wreckage prepares to leave the village, the old man comes to him and offers to give him a home. Wreckage says that he can't stay and live a "normal" life because he still has a score to settle…