G.I. Joe Extreme

Season 2 Episode 4

Iron Klaw Unmasked

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 11, 1996 on

Episode Recap

With Stone in a coma since the last episode, distrust spreads through the team. They suspect a traitor, prompting "Clancey" to order all of them out of the base. Eagle Eye, Freight, Mayday, Metalhead, and QuickStryke opt to secretly stay behind, however, and monitor Stone in case SKAR agents should attack. This indeed does happen and the team comes out of hiding to respond and saves Stone.

"Clancey" once more reveals himself to be Iron Klaw (to the audience, not the Joes) and contacts Steel Raven, ordering her to seek out a mercenary known as The Silencer. He then orders that Stone be transported out of the base and to a hospital. As they do, more SKAR forces attack.

Savage and Harpoon decide to guard Stone and begin narrowing down who could be the traitor. Both conclude it must be Clancey as Stone awakes and tries to warn them of that fact before passing out again. Clancey enters and the two confront him, prompting Iron Klaw to reveal himself and attack. As they fight, Iron Klaw begins to lose and flees. As he exits the base, The Silencer arrives and saves Iron Klaw from capture.

Now the question remains, where is the real Clancey?