G.I. Joe Extreme

Season 2 Episode 10

Wreckage: Revenge!

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Jan 10, 1997 on

Episode Recap

Rampage has organized a gun-running deal, but needs a little muscle in case things get rough. He convinces Wreckage to provide that muscle, promising to reveal Wreckage's origin to him. Things go awry, however, when the Joes show up.

Wreckage ends up saving Freight's life, reminding him of his old friend Eric. Freight decides to follow Wreckage into the wilds and confront him about it. Freight finds him and tells him about his old friend, a name that sounds very familiar to Wreckage. Freight contacts Stone and asks for a leave of absence. Stone agrees and Freight returns to travel with Wreckage and discover his past.

Meanwhile Rampage has gone back to see Iron Klaw. Iron Klaw is furious when he arrives (he's still sore about what happened in 'Rampage for President'), but when Rampage claims he can bring Wreckage back into the fold, Iron Klaw's interest is perked.

Together, Freight and Wreckage delve into what Wreckage can remember. Freight tells him stories about his friend Eric, which at first seems foreign to Wreckage, but eventually he begins to remember. Soon he remembers who he really is: Eric Alexander. The two fought together in Vietnam, but something happened and Wreckage was wounded and captured. He flashes back to the laboratory scene from 'Crawling from the Wreckage,' only this time he remembers that Iron Klaw was there.

Wreckage wants to immediately run out and get revenge, but Freight cautions him against it. He tells his old friend that they need to get the other Joes and bring Iron Klaw to justice, not murder him in the dark. Wreckage doesn't care and charges off.

He makes his way to Iorn Klaw's current hideout and fights through hordes of Zaps and Skyreens to get to him. Inside Rampage notes that he told Iron Klaw long ago that this is what would come of his experiments, but Iron Klaw dismisses the notion that Wreckage poses any serious threat. Iron Klaw orders Rampage to go fight Wreckage, but Rampage refuses and storms out in disgust. As such, Iron Klaw is forced to go and face Wreckage himself.

Wreckage confronts Iron Klaw and tells him his real name. Iron Klaw shrugs and says his name is irrelevant. Wreckage begins pounding Iron Klaw in a fit of rage as Freight arrives. Seeing Freight, Iron Klaw calls for more reinforcements. Freight decides to handle these new troops while Wreckage fights Iron Klaw. Together they defeat all their opponents. Wreckage then moves to Iron Klaw's defeated form to finish him off.

Freight jumps in and stops Wreckage. He tells him that murdering Iron Klaw is not justice, but revenge. As they argue, Iron Klaw manages to escape. With their foes defeated, Freight offers to let Wreckage join the Joes, but Wreckage turns him down and says he must follow his own path as Eric. He tell his old friend goodbye as he walks away, looking to rebuild his old life.