G.I. Joe: Renegades - Season 1

Saturday 7:30 PM on The Hub Premiered Nov 26, 2010 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide


  • Revelations
    Episode 27
  • Revelations, Part 2
    Episode 26
    The Joes attack Cobra to stop the use of a dangerous device, expose its owners and clear the team's name.
  • Revelations, Part 1
    Episode 25
    Cobra plans to increase its power by deploying the MASS device, but Scarlett plays a key role in its operation.
  • Going Underground
    Episode 24
    A series of earthquakes alerts the Joes to a network of tunnels Cobra is constructing to link its strongholds around the country.
  • Cousins
    Episode 23
    Flint gets help from Heavy Duty to capture Roadblock. Meanwhile, Major Bludd seeks revenge against the Joes.
  • Cutting Edge
    Episode 22
    Cobra Commander is attacked by a ninja and forced to escape to his secure facility. Meanwhile, Snake Eyes and Scarlett sneak into the commander's facility.
  • The Anomaly
    Episode 21
    The Joes head to New York to find a missing child. While investigating, they encounter a Sewer Viper being pursued by Mindbender.
  • Prodigal
    Episode 20
    In order to find the mysterious Patient X, the Joes decide to break in to one of Cobra's highly guarded medical facilities.
  • The Anaconda Strain
    Episode 19
    When the Joes learn that Cobra Industries plans on selling an antidote to a virus that they created, the Joes go undercover to stop the spread of the virus.
  • Union of the Snake
    Episode 18
    The Baroness' latest plan involves using Mindbender's mind-control machine to take control of the Joes.
  • Castle Destro
    Episode 17
    The Joes find themselves in quite the predicament when they become trapped in Destro's castle. While inside, the team decides to investigate Cobra's use of illegal weapons.
  • Shipwrecked
    Episode 16
    While en route to deliver a strain of the Bio-Viper's DNA, the Joes are thrown overboard when their ship goes down.
  • White Out
    Episode 15
    Storm Shadow tracks the Joes down to Canada, where they are seeking refuge with an ally named Snow Job.
  • Knockoffs
    Episode 14

    Desperate to find the Joes, Flint enlists the help of Zartan. Meanwhile, the Baroness is charged with the delivery of a new prototype that can mimic other peoples' appearances.

  • Brothers of Light
    Episode 13
    The Joes are captured by two hypnotic villains named Tomax and Xamot.
  • Homecoming, Part 2
    Episode 12
    With the Joes captured by Flint and Lady Jaye, the Baroness comes up with a plan an ambush the convoy vehicle.
  • Homecoming, Part 1
    Episode 11
    With Adam DeCobray set to give a speech at the Cobra Christmas party in Washington, D.C., Scarlett uses this opportunity to gain secret information. After learning that Cobra has placed his family as targets, Duke decides to abandon the Joes and head back to his family in Missouri. Undeterred from their mission, the remaining Joes sneak into the Cobra party disguised as Santa and his helpers. The Joes are able to escape the party with crucial evidence that links Cobra with their nefarious deeds. Unfortunately, DeCobray threatens to kill Duke's family if the Joes don't return the stolen hard drive. As Duke arrives at his home, he sees his parents being abducted by Cobra personnel. He follows the van and eventually frees his parents before learning that the Joes are in trouble.moreless
  • Fire Fight
    Episode 10
    The town of Green Ridge is suffering from Cobra's latest donation, a large dam that is drying up the local river. When the Joes arrive in town, they discover the local's hostile attitude towards all things Cobra. In response to the locals' hostility, Baroness hires an arsonist named Firefly to burn down the mayor's home. Meanwhile, Scarlett and Snake Eyes discover that the dam's real purpose is to siphon off power for a hidden Bio-Viper facility. With the Joes learning of this new threat, Baroness orders Green Ridge be completely burned. The only way for Green Ridge to be saved is if the Joes blow up the dam with help from their new friend Barbecue.moreless
  • 2/4/11
    Cobra Commander decides to combine James McCullen's Exo-Armor and Mindbender's Bio-Vipers to form the deadly Mecha-Vipers. Meanwhile, the Joes receive help in taking down Cobra from one of Breaker's whistleblower informants. Unfortunately for the whistleblower, betraying Cobra has some deadly consequences.
  • Busted
    Episode 8
    With the Coyote malfunctioning, the Joes head to a chop shop to pick up the right parts. Unfortunately, the police bust in on the operation, detaining Duke in the process. Scarlett comes up with a way to break Duke out of county prison by having Roadblock get himself arrested. Meanwhile, Duke finds himself thrown into the Arena, a no-holds-bare illegal matchup between prisoners. Before escaping prison, however, Duke insists on shutting down the Arena once and for all.moreless
  • 12/17/10
    Snake Eyes awakens from his paralysis to find the rest of the Joes trapped in the flames of his burning dojo. While helping Snake Eyes free the rest of the Joes, Duke becomes trapped in the debris. Luckily, Snake Eyes would never leave a Joe behind, so he goes back to save Duke. Meanwhile, Jinx begins to fight back against her captor, Storm Shadow, with help from her sensei Snake Eyes. Rested and ready, the Joes decide to track down Snake Eyes and aid him in his fight against Storm Shadow. As the Joes retrieve the trapped Jinx from a snake pit, the battle between the ninjas intensifies. Ultimately, Jinx is forced to make the difficult decision between saving her family and saving her sensei.moreless
  • 12/10/10
    Just as Duke and the guys start to fully trust Snake Eyes, they are knocked unconscious and taken to a hidden location. Upon arrival, the Joes discover that they are actually at Snake Eyes' secret dojo. Scarlett explains that being at this dojo is quite an honor before Snake Eyes' pupil, a young woman named Jinx, suddenly attacks the Joes. As Snake Eyes calls off the attack, Jinx explains that the Joes have been brought to the dojo for expert training. During their training, Duke asks Jinx for further insight into the mysterious past of Snake Eyes. Jinx explains that she knew Snake Eyes when she was a child and discusses the complicated relationship between Snake Eyes and her cousin, Storm Shadow. Storm Shadow arrives just in time to take Jinx back with him, leaving the Joes paralyzed in the fiery remains of Snake Eyes' dojo.moreless
  • The Package
    Episode 5
    With Flint and Lady Jaye hot on their pursuit, the Joes activate the new Chameleon Mode on their Cobra X-2 vehicle. While in hiding, the Joes are mistakenly tasked with delivering a deadly package to Alvin Kibbey, a college professor who goes by the name of the Coyote. When the Joes discover that the package is actually a bomb meant to destroy the Coyote, they meet up with him to investigate. Meanwhile, the Baroness sends Major Bludd to track down the Coyote when she learns that the Joes have interfered in her plans.moreless
  • Dreadnoks Rising
    Episode 4
    During a visit to a small Kansas town, the Joes learn of the Dreadnoks, a local motorcycle gang that is terrorizing the locals. After defending a police officer outside of a diner, the Joes decide to move along before attracting any more attention. Unfortunately, Zartan, the leader of Dreadnoks, decides to send a message to anyone planning on standing up them. Zartan kidnaps a local waitress named Wendy, forcing Snake Eyes to go after her. With Snake Eyes captured, the remaining Joes rally the townspeople into defending their town.moreless
  • Rage
    Episode 3
    While traveling through the streets of Chicago, the Joes discover that several Army veterans have been hospitalized with mysterious symptoms. After an argument with Roadblock, Tunnel Rat abandons the Joes before being accidentally abducted by a scientist named Scrap-Iron. Scrap-Iron is testing former vets to see who can withstand the 'rage affect' produced by his new Exo-Armor suits. In order to rescue his fellow teammate, Roadblock allows himself to be captured by Scrap-Iron. Ultimately, the Joes must break Roadblock out of the control of Scrap-Iron's Exo-Armor suit.moreless
  • 11/26/10
    After blowing up the Cobra Pharmaceuticals facility, the remaining Joes must continue on without Ripcord. While Snake Eyes tracks down Mindbender's whereabouts, the Baroness learns that a Bio-Viper has survived the lab explosion. With the help of the U.S. Army, the Baroness enlists Cobra in obtaining the escaped Bio-Viper by evacuating the nearby town of Springfield. When the Joes learn of the Bio-Viper, they head back to Springtown to take it down without harming the remaining civilians. Meanwhile, Lady Jaye reluctantly teams up with Flint to help find the location of the Joes.moreless
  • 11/26/10
    Lady Jaye assigns Sergeant Hauser, aka Duke, a new team of comrades to aid him in a routine investigation. The team is then called in to investigate a terrorist threat at a Cobra Pharmaceuticals facility. Upon arrival, however, Duke, Ripcord, Tunnel Rat, Roadblock, Scarlett and Snake Eyes are ambushed by an attack from Cobra Industries personnel. After fending off the attack, the Joes discover that Dr. Brian Bender has been secretly working for Cobra to create their newest invention, the Bio-Viper Army. Determined to stop the threat of the Bio-Vipers, the Joes plan to blow up the underground lab.moreless