G.I. Joe Sigma Six

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Dec 03, 2005 on FOX
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Episode Summary

The Power Stones are revealed! It seems that there are mysterious natural stones that have amazing technological powers that both Cobra and GI Joe are on the hunt for. In this episode, Zartan finds a Power Stone in the deep jungle and it's up to Spirit and Snake Eyes to team up to stop the evil master of disguise!moreless
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  • Snake Eyes gets his butt kicked and relies on his Sigma Suit, since when?

    I was really disappointed again with the way that this, like the old cartoon series always seem to not know how to use Snake-Eyes. Snake Eyes is a Ninja, a well trained one at that, arguable the best in the world.

    I was very upset that the show chose to use Spirit to track Zartan, when that trick is something that Snake-Eyes can do as well. Plus, Snake-Eyes before this series has never had a fancy Sigma Suit, so he has never relied on it in the past, so why would he do that now.

    I know that the point of this episode was to showcase the abilities of Spirit Ironknife, but at the cost of making Snake-Eyes out as a fool, it was not really worth it to me.

    Also, I am not sure what is up with the way that they are portraying Tunnel Rat. The Guy is an explosives expert, why would he ever fool around all the time, he is liable to blow himself up...moreless
  • The hunt for the power stones continues!

    Many things are shown in this episode. Characters are getting more developed and molded. Especially for those who are first time GI Joe fans. After a long rerun season. It's refreshing just to see a new episode.

    This time, COBRA and Sigma 6 are fighting for power stones. Stones, whose internal makeup not only gives off power, but enhances it 10 times over.

    It was Zartan's turn, and he's learned from his runin with Duke, two episodes back. He's udjusted his cloaking device so that he's even invisible to Hi-Tech's new armor. But that doesn't stop Spirit. (the main character in this episode)

    Spirit, like a lot of Native American TV characters, is intune with nature more than the average person. He tends to rely on the elements for help, rather than technology.

    Snake Eyes, is a little out of sync in this episode. As a ninja, he should be able to use other ways to find Zartan. Ninjas have been taught for thousands of years to be invisible and to not always rely on your eyes. He should have not have been so able to beat.

    I hope that they start to tune down the action, and look into the characters themselves. Their backgrounds, choices, and mistakes. But it doesn't look to happen this season.moreless

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    • Cobra Commander: I thought that by now, you would realized my low tolerance for failure! Yet, because of you, Duke and his team have another power stone!
      Zartan: Sir...
      Cobra Commander: Silence! Don't give me your excuses! You shall be severely punished for this, Zartan!
      Zartan: Please, just give me another chance, and I promise you, I'll get another power stone, even if I have to destroy Duke and his team myself.
      Cobra Commander: Now that's what I like to hear! Taking some initiative!

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