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  • A drastic shift from the known G.I. Joe universe, Sigma Six takes things in a more modern "Secret Agent" direction with a smaller cast, more cutting edge animation and a focus on tech. COBRA is still their nemesis, but they have some more tools to fight

    A review is tough to write at this point, since no episodes have currently aired, but I think it's safe to say I'm at least giving this series a shot. Many folks are already prepared to completely write it off based on early pictures, hyperbole, and a narrow view of what G.I. Joe "should be".

    The animation looks dramatic and dynamic, with a nice anime flair and some pretty intense action. I'm eagerly waiting for September's air date and hope that the cartoon surpasses expectations and opens some minds.
  • First episode, used to introduce the characters. A PWP (Plot? What plot?). Main team is in the Artic fighting B.A.T.s; Storm Shadow, Destro and the Baroness make cameo appearances; and Heavy Duty and Tunnel Rat are in South America practicing th

    Let me see. Duke, Scarlett and Snake-Eyes are same-o, same-o, though Scarlett\'s uniform is spiffier this time around. Jinx and Kamakura act like the kids next door, except they are ninjas. The producers decided to make Jinx Caucasian and a Chen Li look-alike to boot. (You know, the chick from one of those Capcom fighting games? The one in the blue Chinese dress thing and hair in buns?) A new character, Long Shot is the strong quiet type who drives the heavy vehicles. These guys first show up at the North Pole when COBRA B.A.T.\'s destroy an observation station. They fight more B.A.T.\'s, then Storm Shadow appears, they fight more B.A.T.\'s, Duke goes into a castle and is trapped in a turret which turns out to be a rocket...
    Uh, yeah, I did mention the light on plot part, right?
    Anyway, Hi-Tech is the guy stuck at base, driving a computer. Duke phones home and E... I mean, Hi-Tech does some tech stuff to help Duke out. Lots of tension of Duke falling from the stratosphere or something like that.
    In the meantime (read side plot and comic relief), Heavy Duty and Tunnel Rat are in South America setting up some sort of base camp. We see that Heavy Duty is very strong, but afraid of mice, and Tunnel Rat never opens his eyes and he eats insects. Raw. And he has this awful orange hair.
    The South American base gets attacked by B.A.T.\'s and after running around like idiots (TR using HD\'s precious cookware to smack the \'bots), TR finally unloads some decent explosives and levels the whole place.
    Destro and Baroness only appear as holograms playing chess during the Arttic adventure. The opener said that Cobra Commander was captured only a month before.

    I was disappointed by Jinx being Caucasian and Tunnel Rat\'s stupid hair and the insect eating thing. That\'s just cheap characterizations.
    I was also disappointed that Spirit Iron Knife wasn\'t in it. I saw the toys and thought, oh, cool.
    You may have noticed that there are more than six Joes. *shrugs*
    Of course, I may be picky because I like the comic books and the old school Joes.
    We\'ll see what happens when they start the series in earnest. I\'ll stick with it because I do love me some Joes.
  • The Joe team is back to kick Cobra's ass again in this latest incarnation of the series.

    I think the first episode was great episode to set the stage for the series. I like some of the new gear they have. We must remember this episode was scripted so those who don\'t really know the characrers can learn who they are. As for the comment that there are more than six menbers if the team, I personally think the name is more of a reference to the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six series. Afterall the Rainbow Six team is supposed to be basicly a deep cover counter terrorist team, just like what Duke said that the Joe team had to become. The VA cast is loaded with tons of familiar voices. I was able to only pick out a couple of names because the credits flew by so fast in that compressed screen. I was able to spot Steve Blum, Lisa Ortiz, Eric Stuart, and Crispin Freeman. I imagine as the series progresses we will have other menbers of the Joe Team and the Cobra Forces introduced.
  • I Think That This Show Is Great, Well So Far, GI Joe Is A Show That Has Been With Us Since 1980's, And 4Kids So For Is Doing A Great Job Dubbing This Show, And Even If I Don't Get To Watch It Every Day, This Show Is Great, WOOWOW!

    I Think That This Show Is Great, Well So Far, GI Joe Is A Show That Has Been With Us Since 1980's, And 4Kids So For Is Doing A Great Job Dubbing This Show, And Even If I Don't Get To Watch It Every Day, This Show Is Great, WOOWOW!
  • G.I. Joe is back, following the events in Valor vs. Venom, we have a new series, more tech and more secret agent in style. This shift is very similair to the recent changes over at the Comics to America's Elite. YO JOE!

    This series is interesting in the new way that G.I.Joe is being done. There is a huge cast of characters in the G.I.Joe Universe, and everyone has their favorites. The biggest problem in the past has always been, the show sells the toys, and you cannot have too many people on the show (with the exception of women characters) that you do not make a toy for. This has always been a limiting factor, as you end up with a show full of new faces or new clothes on your old favorites, but many times the show is basically a commercial.
    Now, we have the core group, and they are back to a simplistic look that follows their characters original designs. The team is made of specialists, and probably will activate others as other specialists are needed. It will make the show easier to follow and make it easier to balance a large cast, when you only have the handful of regulars.
    As mentioned in my summary, this is very similar to the changes in the America's Elite Comic, where they realized there was way too large of a cast to fit into a coherent story.
    I like the flow of this show as well, that it is made up of what appears to be one big story, broken into 30 minute chunks, instead of just little episodes that no one really could follow, and where mealy there to sell a toy.
  • Not bad. Not really feeling the 2 ninjas under Snake Eyes. I'd rather see Lady Jay, Beach Head, and a few more characters from the 80's.

    So far the animation is tight, its fitting for the Joe's for this era. A lot of tech going on gives us a different look at the Joe's, it doesnt have that military feel anymore which is good and sometimes bad. 6 Joes up against an army of mech not the mention cobra elite such as the Baroness, Destro, Zartan and his crew. They should introduce other members of Joe that arent on the main roster from time to time just to beef up the six man crew.
  • G.I NO: Sigma Sucks

    Its' a darn hsame when almost anything from the anime import butchering capital of the worldwide market, 4kids, can brainwash their audience into accepting any kind of revival that is'nt american produced. Stick with TMNT, because this half-assed effort not only makes GI Joe Extreme look like a Sunbow season, it makes "Operation Dragonfire" look ten times more memorable than Dukes' coma inducing snake bite in GI Joe: The Movie.

    A teenaged Scarlet with large breasts, Snake Eyes down your earhole, no character development, big explosions, bad animation, potiful dubbing, is it ANY wonder why real GI Joe fans ditch this every week? The ratings for this series are dipping, and theres' little reason as to why. NOOO Joe, return to your roots as an AMERICAN hero, not an AISAN HERO. And knowing is half the battle.
  • Like the recent horrid incarnation of Transformers, G.I. Joe Sigma Six is the latest production of Kid's WB to tarnish a legendary name in the cartoon world.

    Like the recent horrid incarnation of Transformers, G.I. Joe Sigma Six is the latest production of Kid\'s WB to tarnish a legendary name in the cartoon world. The jump from classic animation style to anime has not been kind to the G.I. Joe series. While the computer animation of Spy Games was a major hit, this recent change in style falls flat on its face. The show tends to deal less with the classic battles of good vs. evil and has filler segments revolving around kids, teens, etc.. The best part of the classic was that it focused solely on the Joes and Cobra. There was no filler. It was just one constant battle pitting hero against villain. This version strays from that winning formula, and as expected is the weakest version of the show to date.

    My final review: G.I. No, this show is just plain bad. This version nearly destroys the G.I. Joe name, luckily for those of us old enough to remember the original, we still have the memories of a better day. Now you know that this show is terrible, and knowing is half the battle.
  • best gi joe show ever! the previous shows sucked.

    this show has great art, great character desighns, great animation, and good stories! this show should be a classic! all i just wish is, is that the stories should be great instead of just good, then this show would be perfect, just like the new ninja turtles cartoon. but at least, it's still a good show!
  • this show will die a cruel horrible death,too bad not soon enough.

    this show is geared towards 5 year olds and has become dorky to the point i want to throw up.it is a total waste of time and air on TV and should not be given any consideration for lasting it is a disgrace to the name of G.I.Joe.and it is disgusting beyond all belief.
  • Since when do we review commercials?

    First I should start out with this, Sigma Six isn't trying to please everyone unlike Batman Tas or Gargoyles. They're strictly aiming for kids with this show, so that a new generation will love GI Joe. This is understandable, but this show seems too much like a commercial and not enough like a cartoon.

    The original GI Joe worked so well because it was something entirely new for the brand. Of course that show was just as much a commercial, but it was also just a cartoon for kids to watch and enjoy. It had clever writing and fun stories and plots with brand new characters.

    This time around they're doing what they did in the eighties, but lazier. They're taking animation that would normally be completely unrelatable to GI Joe (anime), mixing it with dull plots and terrible scripting, and throwing in characters that were already created in the eighties, however making them more dull than ever before.

    It's no secret that they're trying to get little kids buying the brand of action figures so it has a healthy future, but they're just doing it all wrong. Anime is old news now, it's time for something new, and GI Joe: Sigma Six isn't going to deliver.
  • Everyone liked GI Joes but me. And now everyone seems to hate GI Joe Sigma 6 but me.

    There seems to be a lot of hardcore GI Joe fans that don't seem to like Sigma 6 too much, but I do like it.

    I never really got hardcore in to GI Joes back in the day, but I do have to say I do really like this new series.

    Animated by Gonzo, a Japanese animation studio known for Full Metal Panic, Samurai 7, a number of other shows. The animation in this show is top notch.

    Lots of action to make you think, 'wow, that was pretty cool.' Simple stories, which is okay in my book. Its a Saturday morning cartoon after all. Great animation.

    Its a show I've been now going out of my way to watch.
  • Could have been good, if only it wasn't Anime.

    The current trend towards making everything anime is really getting on my nerves, ruining some of the classics. Transformers was another Hasbro property that suffered from Animeization. While G1 and Beast Wars were fantastic shows, anything from Robots in Disguise on was terrible. GI Joe Sigma Six is another one of those shows that the trend has affected negatively. While the show is animated superbly unlike most anime, it still suffers from terrible voice acting and horrendous lip sync due to the nature of dubbing. The character designs are also horrible anime stereotypes that got old in the 80s. At least the badly done recent CG movies were watchable due to its excellent voice cast(excluding the hispanic stereotype Shipwreck). I really hope the american animation industry learns from quality 80s updates like Masters of the Universe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, that managed to not only successfully bring the old series into today, but they vastly improved on the old concept.
  • Take a look at the main page.

    This show is a really, really nice twiswt on an old classic. They have taken the tried and true G I Joe 'legend' and updated it for a whole new generation. I find myself unable to NOT watch and the voice casting makes the show even better! Especially Wayne Grayson :)
  • What have they DONE to my JOES?!

    When I was a kid there were a handful of awesome cartoons on the air at the same time, two of them were Transformers, and GIJOE.

    This show is PROOF that Japan has no business doing anime remakes of American cartoons!!!

    This has all the failings of a mediocre anime:
    *No self contained stories.
    *One of the main characters is a teenager.
    *Too much emphasis on pretty artwork, not enough on creating a passable plot-line.
    *BAD voice acting.

    This is NOT GIJOE. This is filth! I spit on Japan for making this, as well as Hasbro for allowing it!

    First Transformers, then He-man, and now this! They aren't gonna be happy until they destory EVERYTHING good and cherished from my childhood!
  • a lot of potential squandered.

    G.I. Joe sigma 6 has a lot of potential. It has good core joes (asside from tunnel rat..i dont know he\'s just too off the wall.), it has good secondary joes potentially available..most notably Snake eyes\' apprenteces. The anime like style is a nice update to the old joe style.

    But the voice acting although filled with talented voice actors is just really terrible in the show. I dont know if its just the way it\'s edited together or what.

    The story lines are simple and well...lame. And the recent attempt to add a child into the show just to appeal to younger audiences really completely ruined the show for me.

    Yes it\'s a childrens cartoon and yes it needs to appeal to a new generation, but you dont need to ruin the source material to do it. And alienating the fans...is just a bad move.

    To be fair though i am predisposed against the show as the introduction of the show ,and a decision by hasbro, caused the 3.75 (i think their actually 4 in. now) toy line to be discontinued in retail outlets. They were discontinued simply for the purpose of marketing huge sigma 6 figures remeniscent of the old dolls.

    Still the show is a slightly below average show except maybe to younger viewers who might appreciate the lengths it has gone to to appeal to that audience.
  • One of the saddest shows I ever saw it saddened me seeing a show that could have been better had they actually considered keeping it true to the first GI Joe series instead of making something that was too animaish.

    As stated previously Sigma Six is in fact sadly a complete waste of time not only were the characters done horribly they were completly wrecked in many different ways and prepackaged in the styling of the now dusturbingly popular Anime based shows that originate in Japan and now here.

    It was and is a shame that the writers (or whomever was responsible) never took into consideration the rest of the GI Joe shows and instead decided to meddle with the personalities of people like Tunnel-Rat, StormShadow and the rest.

    Not to mention there were none of the Cobra troopers that had been in both the Sunbow and the DIC series instead all we saw were very badly drawn robots who were apparently called BATs an obvious pain considering the Battle Android Troopers are portrayed in the comics and the earlier incarnations as humanoid in appearence and not something that was in fact a cross between the fighter ship things from the Gundam Anime and humanoid robots.

    Lastly it was Animized and was painful to watch because gone was the emotions that we could plainly see on the faces of beloved characters and instead all we saw were the obvious anime symbols and one too many moves that seemed well as far out as any dragonball z cartoon.

    I fervently wish that whomever made a travesty such as this had taken the time to do right by it and not simply pushed it onto the market where true GI Joe fans would gag horribly upon seeing it.

    Alas though that was not the case.
  • Sigma 6 is a children's show. If you are an adult who doesn't like the show and expressing how it isn't what you watched when you were a child, please read.

    I am a 20 year old cartoon enthusiast, and this happens to be one of my favorite children's shows. It is on 4kids.tv. That's FOR KIDS TV. If you are an adult who likes this show, good for you! If you are an adult who doesn't like this show, also good for you! But watching you guys crack down on Sigma 6 is driving me insane. This isn't the same G.I. Joe you watched, we all get that! But it's not supposed to be! This is made for a completely different generation. If you don't like it, stop watching it!
  • Good voice actors, nice action, but get an original plot, 4Kids.

    First, the VA's are awesome. We have a complete Yu-Gi-Oh! and TMNT 2003 lineup here, along with Veronica Taylor from Pokemon. Can the show get any better? There's plenty of action, but that's really not an achievement nowadays, many shows have action. G.I. Joe? Get with the program, the 80s are over! The Berlin Wall fell! Move on with it and end G.I. Joe!

    They really don't have a planned organization of the plotline sequence either. It's just random adventures and missions where Hi-Tech blurts out info, which is good in a way, being voiced by Eric Stuart, but why? Cobra gets away every single time. Hope it gets axed and we get three episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! every Saturday.

    First thing I did was forget everything I knew about the original GI Joe's. Instead of comparing it to the original, I compared it to the other cartoons that are ou there now. If you do that you will see that this show is far better than a lot of rubbish that can be seen on tv nowadays. The action is great and feels "movie-like". The cliffhangers keep on coming and I'm pleasantly surprised that they did there best do produce a decent action-cartoon. It shows. I love snake eyes! They mixed in action with anime and I like the combo. The only thing that bothers me is the lines they make the Joe's say. That shows how it's definately for the little ones. Still, a decent show is all you can ask for these days, and that it certainly is.
  • Nice work

    This was really one of the better shows that 4 kids made. The animation was awesome. The plotlines (though I can't really speak for much of season 2, as I didn't wwatch much of it) were exceptionally well thought out and defined. And the weapons and high-tech (pardon the pun) gear was no less than the best. I have to say that this show is perhaps the best incarnation of the G.I. Joe series that has ever been spun. I think that it is a shame that the show didn't score over 7.0 and that it should have continued past just two seasons (GREAT finale though).
  • Plot and character developemt take a back seat to mediocre effects in this pitiful remake of A Real American Hero.

    Like many toy lines back in the 1980s, GI Joe gained a TV show that spawned off many other GI Joe cartoons for years to come. The first show was rather cheesy, but it was simplistic, had appeal towards children and adults, and it was an all around fun show for all. So when a remake series was being called for in the mid 200s, who do they get? Why it's none other than our "friends" at 4Kids to make it. You would think that a GI Joe cartoon wouldn't be hard to make, even by 4KIds, but they somehow manage to take a simple concept and make it into a mockery. The show is pretty much the same as every other GI Joe show, an elite army from America facing a terrorist organization aimed at ruling the world. Sounds easy right? Well you wouldn't believe how fast that idea is destroyed. The first major problem this show suffers from has to be the fact that we don't know where GI Joe is based. They were always portrayed as American heroes that defended the world. Here though, we don't know who they really are. Are they a mercenary group? Are they soldiers picked by the government to defend the world? We don't know and we never are told. Another thing you'll notice is how very few characters we know and love from the past GI Joe shows are not in this show. In fact, I think only 1/10 of the Joes are in this show. Cobra is actually pretty worse believe it or not. There's next to none of the villains like most of the Dredknocks, Tomax and Xamot, and so many more are absent. Instead of those interesting characters, we get mostly robots and machines. I feel like I'm watching a really bad remake of Transformers with how many robots we see. Speaking of the characters, they have absolutely no development at all in the show. Going back to the 1980s show, it had moments where we learned things about the characters and who they are. In this show, they are soulless and are as interesting as cardboard. The voice work is another thing worth gripping about in this show, it's terrible. The characters sound rather forced and contrived and they can also sound really annoying (especially Tunnel Rat and Road Block). The show also has a big tendency to rely on special effects that are clearly dated and are overused throughout the show. Seriously, most of the show always uses special effects to dazzle the audience out there. While some of the effects are okay, it's more or less dated and it's the only bit of effort put into the show. Humor wise, there's not anything funny at all. Most of it comes from Tunnel Rat and Road Block, who try to do some good gags. Instead, they are more annoying then funny. The storyline is also really loose in the show. There was some sort of thing with Power Stones or something, but the plot gets so convoluted and confusing, you have no idea what's really going on. The artwork itself is a mixed bag to me. While the sets are okay and all, the characters have rather bizarre designs to them, with the exception of Cobra Commander who actually does look intimidating. The animation in general is nothing special to mention about except for there seems to be some lip sync issues in the show. In the end, Sigma Six leaves so much to be desired and for a GI Joe cartoon, it fails miserably. With underdeveloped characters, a bad storyline, terrible voice work, and mediocre effects, this is one American Hero I wouldn't call on to save the world.