G.I. Joe Sigma Six

FOX (ended 2007)


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  • Since when do we review commercials?

    First I should start out with this, Sigma Six isn't trying to please everyone unlike Batman Tas or Gargoyles. They're strictly aiming for kids with this show, so that a new generation will love GI Joe. This is understandable, but this show seems too much like a commercial and not enough like a cartoon.

    The original GI Joe worked so well because it was something entirely new for the brand. Of course that show was just as much a commercial, but it was also just a cartoon for kids to watch and enjoy. It had clever writing and fun stories and plots with brand new characters.

    This time around they're doing what they did in the eighties, but lazier. They're taking animation that would normally be completely unrelatable to GI Joe (anime), mixing it with dull plots and terrible scripting, and throwing in characters that were already created in the eighties, however making them more dull than ever before.

    It's no secret that they're trying to get little kids buying the brand of action figures so it has a healthy future, but they're just doing it all wrong. Anime is old news now, it's time for something new, and GI Joe: Sigma Six isn't going to deliver.
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