G.I. Joe Sigma Six

FOX (ended 2007)


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  • a lot of potential squandered.

    G.I. Joe sigma 6 has a lot of potential. It has good core joes (asside from tunnel rat..i dont know he\'s just too off the wall.), it has good secondary joes potentially available..most notably Snake eyes\' apprenteces. The anime like style is a nice update to the old joe style.

    But the voice acting although filled with talented voice actors is just really terrible in the show. I dont know if its just the way it\'s edited together or what.

    The story lines are simple and well...lame. And the recent attempt to add a child into the show just to appeal to younger audiences really completely ruined the show for me.

    Yes it\'s a childrens cartoon and yes it needs to appeal to a new generation, but you dont need to ruin the source material to do it. And alienating the fans...is just a bad move.

    To be fair though i am predisposed against the show as the introduction of the show ,and a decision by hasbro, caused the 3.75 (i think their actually 4 in. now) toy line to be discontinued in retail outlets. They were discontinued simply for the purpose of marketing huge sigma 6 figures remeniscent of the old dolls.

    Still the show is a slightly below average show except maybe to younger viewers who might appreciate the lengths it has gone to to appeal to that audience.
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