G.I. Joe Sigma Six

FOX (ended 2007)


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  • One of the saddest shows I ever saw it saddened me seeing a show that could have been better had they actually considered keeping it true to the first GI Joe series instead of making something that was too animaish.

    As stated previously Sigma Six is in fact sadly a complete waste of time not only were the characters done horribly they were completly wrecked in many different ways and prepackaged in the styling of the now dusturbingly popular Anime based shows that originate in Japan and now here.

    It was and is a shame that the writers (or whomever was responsible) never took into consideration the rest of the GI Joe shows and instead decided to meddle with the personalities of people like Tunnel-Rat, StormShadow and the rest.

    Not to mention there were none of the Cobra troopers that had been in both the Sunbow and the DIC series instead all we saw were very badly drawn robots who were apparently called BATs an obvious pain considering the Battle Android Troopers are portrayed in the comics and the earlier incarnations as humanoid in appearence and not something that was in fact a cross between the fighter ship things from the Gundam Anime and humanoid robots.

    Lastly it was Animized and was painful to watch because gone was the emotions that we could plainly see on the faces of beloved characters and instead all we saw were the obvious anime symbols and one too many moves that seemed well as far out as any dragonball z cartoon.

    I fervently wish that whomever made a travesty such as this had taken the time to do right by it and not simply pushed it onto the market where true GI Joe fans would gag horribly upon seeing it.

    Alas though that was not the case.
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