G.I. Joe Sigma Six

FOX (ended 2007)


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  • Good voice actors, nice action, but get an original plot, 4Kids.

    First, the VA's are awesome. We have a complete Yu-Gi-Oh! and TMNT 2003 lineup here, along with Veronica Taylor from Pokemon. Can the show get any better? There's plenty of action, but that's really not an achievement nowadays, many shows have action. G.I. Joe? Get with the program, the 80s are over! The Berlin Wall fell! Move on with it and end G.I. Joe!

    They really don't have a planned organization of the plotline sequence either. It's just random adventures and missions where Hi-Tech blurts out info, which is good in a way, being voiced by Eric Stuart, but why? Cobra gets away every single time. Hope it gets axed and we get three episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! every Saturday.