G.I. Joe Sigma Six

FOX (ended 2007)


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  • First episode, used to introduce the characters. A PWP (Plot? What plot?). Main team is in the Artic fighting B.A.T.s; Storm Shadow, Destro and the Baroness make cameo appearances; and Heavy Duty and Tunnel Rat are in South America practicing th

    Let me see. Duke, Scarlett and Snake-Eyes are same-o, same-o, though Scarlett\'s uniform is spiffier this time around. Jinx and Kamakura act like the kids next door, except they are ninjas. The producers decided to make Jinx Caucasian and a Chen Li look-alike to boot. (You know, the chick from one of those Capcom fighting games? The one in the blue Chinese dress thing and hair in buns?) A new character, Long Shot is the strong quiet type who drives the heavy vehicles. These guys first show up at the North Pole when COBRA B.A.T.\'s destroy an observation station. They fight more B.A.T.\'s, then Storm Shadow appears, they fight more B.A.T.\'s, Duke goes into a castle and is trapped in a turret which turns out to be a rocket...
    Uh, yeah, I did mention the light on plot part, right?
    Anyway, Hi-Tech is the guy stuck at base, driving a computer. Duke phones home and E... I mean, Hi-Tech does some tech stuff to help Duke out. Lots of tension of Duke falling from the stratosphere or something like that.
    In the meantime (read side plot and comic relief), Heavy Duty and Tunnel Rat are in South America setting up some sort of base camp. We see that Heavy Duty is very strong, but afraid of mice, and Tunnel Rat never opens his eyes and he eats insects. Raw. And he has this awful orange hair.
    The South American base gets attacked by B.A.T.\'s and after running around like idiots (TR using HD\'s precious cookware to smack the \'bots), TR finally unloads some decent explosives and levels the whole place.
    Destro and Baroness only appear as holograms playing chess during the Arttic adventure. The opener said that Cobra Commander was captured only a month before.

    I was disappointed by Jinx being Caucasian and Tunnel Rat\'s stupid hair and the insect eating thing. That\'s just cheap characterizations.
    I was also disappointed that Spirit Iron Knife wasn\'t in it. I saw the toys and thought, oh, cool.
    You may have noticed that there are more than six Joes. *shrugs*
    Of course, I may be picky because I like the comic books and the old school Joes.
    We\'ll see what happens when they start the series in earnest. I\'ll stick with it because I do love me some Joes.