G.I. Joe Sigma Six

FOX (ended 2007)


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  • Plot and character developemt take a back seat to mediocre effects in this pitiful remake of A Real American Hero.

    Like many toy lines back in the 1980s, GI Joe gained a TV show that spawned off many other GI Joe cartoons for years to come. The first show was rather cheesy, but it was simplistic, had appeal towards children and adults, and it was an all around fun show for all. So when a remake series was being called for in the mid 200s, who do they get? Why it's none other than our "friends" at 4Kids to make it. You would think that a GI Joe cartoon wouldn't be hard to make, even by 4KIds, but they somehow manage to take a simple concept and make it into a mockery. The show is pretty much the same as every other GI Joe show, an elite army from America facing a terrorist organization aimed at ruling the world. Sounds easy right? Well you wouldn't believe how fast that idea is destroyed. The first major problem this show suffers from has to be the fact that we don't know where GI Joe is based. They were always portrayed as American heroes that defended the world. Here though, we don't know who they really are. Are they a mercenary group? Are they soldiers picked by the government to defend the world? We don't know and we never are told. Another thing you'll notice is how very few characters we know and love from the past GI Joe shows are not in this show. In fact, I think only 1/10 of the Joes are in this show. Cobra is actually pretty worse believe it or not. There's next to none of the villains like most of the Dredknocks, Tomax and Xamot, and so many more are absent. Instead of those interesting characters, we get mostly robots and machines. I feel like I'm watching a really bad remake of Transformers with how many robots we see. Speaking of the characters, they have absolutely no development at all in the show. Going back to the 1980s show, it had moments where we learned things about the characters and who they are. In this show, they are soulless and are as interesting as cardboard. The voice work is another thing worth gripping about in this show, it's terrible. The characters sound rather forced and contrived and they can also sound really annoying (especially Tunnel Rat and Road Block). The show also has a big tendency to rely on special effects that are clearly dated and are overused throughout the show. Seriously, most of the show always uses special effects to dazzle the audience out there. While some of the effects are okay, it's more or less dated and it's the only bit of effort put into the show. Humor wise, there's not anything funny at all. Most of it comes from Tunnel Rat and Road Block, who try to do some good gags. Instead, they are more annoying then funny. The storyline is also really loose in the show. There was some sort of thing with Power Stones or something, but the plot gets so convoluted and confusing, you have no idea what's really going on. The artwork itself is a mixed bag to me. While the sets are okay and all, the characters have rather bizarre designs to them, with the exception of Cobra Commander who actually does look intimidating. The animation in general is nothing special to mention about except for there seems to be some lip sync issues in the show. In the end, Sigma Six leaves so much to be desired and for a GI Joe cartoon, it fails miserably. With underdeveloped characters, a bad storyline, terrible voice work, and mediocre effects, this is one American Hero I wouldn't call on to save the world.