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  • G.I. Joe is back, following the events in Valor vs. Venom, we have a new series, more tech and more secret agent in style. This shift is very similair to the recent changes over at the Comics to America's Elite. YO JOE!

    This series is interesting in the new way that G.I.Joe is being done. There is a huge cast of characters in the G.I.Joe Universe, and everyone has their favorites. The biggest problem in the past has always been, the show sells the toys, and you cannot have too many people on the show (with the exception of women characters) that you do not make a toy for. This has always been a limiting factor, as you end up with a show full of new faces or new clothes on your old favorites, but many times the show is basically a commercial.
    Now, we have the core group, and they are back to a simplistic look that follows their characters original designs. The team is made of specialists, and probably will activate others as other specialists are needed. It will make the show easier to follow and make it easier to balance a large cast, when you only have the handful of regulars.
    As mentioned in my summary, this is very similar to the changes in the America's Elite Comic, where they realized there was way too large of a cast to fit into a coherent story.
    I like the flow of this show as well, that it is made up of what appears to be one big story, broken into 30 minute chunks, instead of just little episodes that no one really could follow, and where mealy there to sell a toy.
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