G.I. Joe Sigma Six

FOX (ended 2007)


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  • G.I NO: Sigma Sucks

    Its' a darn hsame when almost anything from the anime import butchering capital of the worldwide market, 4kids, can brainwash their audience into accepting any kind of revival that is'nt american produced. Stick with TMNT, because this half-assed effort not only makes GI Joe Extreme look like a Sunbow season, it makes "Operation Dragonfire" look ten times more memorable than Dukes' coma inducing snake bite in GI Joe: The Movie.

    A teenaged Scarlet with large breasts, Snake Eyes down your earhole, no character development, big explosions, bad animation, potiful dubbing, is it ANY wonder why real GI Joe fans ditch this every week? The ratings for this series are dipping, and theres' little reason as to why. NOOO Joe, return to your roots as an AMERICAN hero, not an AISAN HERO. And knowing is half the battle.