G.I. Joe Sigma Six

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 18, 2006 on FOX
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Episode Summary

It's Ninja versus Ninja in this episode. A Power Stone is discovered in a temple on Mount Arashikage and Storm Shadow goes to collect. A massive battle ensues as Snake Eyes takes on his sworn enemy and blood brother Storm Shadow for possession of the Stone. Meanwhile, Jinx and Kamakura show the Dreadnaughts that it's not good to tangle with a deadly dup of Ninjas!moreless
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  • This Episode is my all time favorite in the series so far, it has tons of well animated.....

    This episod is my all time favorite in the series so far, it has tons of well animated action and it even gives you a peek into snake eyes' past. the two sword brothers really shine in this e p i s o d e! two must see parts in this episode are the sheathing of each others sword right after snake eyes and storm shadow use the Kagami triangle on cobra's giant robot, and the two nija aprentices fighting it out with buzzer's gang, especialy the part where jinx easily twirls off a blast of fire! this is definately a must see episode!moreless
  • A window into Snakeyes' past

    This episode was intense and awesome!!! I found myself absolutely transfixed when the brothers began to fight together it was soo cool!! Especially the moment when each ninja sheathes his sword in the other's scabbard (for lack of a better word) in perfect sync! Killer!! Imagine if they had finished their training together?! Although the episode left the viewers with more questions than answers as to Snake eyes' past and his secretivness (sp??) it was still a breath taking episode! Plus we got to see Snake eyes protectively watching over his students and their total amazement at the level of skill their sensi possesses.moreless
  • A Matter of Honor!

    It's a fight for honor in this episode of Sigma Six. The show has greatly improved. Yet, this episode almost felt like deja vu. I am a loyal fan of the show Inuyasha. The sibling rivalry between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, are very much like that of the anime brothers: Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. Snake Eyes, like Inuyasha, is very skilled and powerful, but he has many doubts about himself and keeps them inside. He feels this is something he must do on his own. Storm Shadow, is like Sesshomaru. He's powerful and very skilled, and he hates his brother. He thinks his brother disgraced his family name, just because he has mixed blood. And from the newly reaveled Snake Eyes, it's obvious they're from a mixed marriage. I mean, I NEVER would have expected blond hair and greyish-blue eyes! Isn't he supposed to be Japanese?

    This was a good episode, keep up the good work!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • There is a bit on a non-sequitir in the script when Snake Eyes first shows up to save Jinx and Kamakura. Kamakura says to Snake Eyes, "Cobra stole the Power Stone!" and then strangely holds up the supposedly stolen Power Stone for him to see. Kamakura had earlier secured the depleted stone remains from being destroyed by Virus while Jinx distracted the robot. What Kamakura most likely meant by this statement was that Cobra HAD stolen the stone, in that the Dreadnoks had snatched it and tried to get away it. But, they did not succeed in escaping with it.

    • Due to damage sustained from Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes suffers a broken visor. His eyes and hair color are clearly visible. His hair is blonde and his eyes appear to be bluish-grey.

    • Goof: Jinx says, "You won't get away with this, Snake Eyes!" to Storm Shadow.

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    • The rivalry between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, is much like that between the two brothers Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru on the popular anime tv show and manga: "Inuyasha".