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G.I. Joe

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Yo Joe. He'll fight for freedom where ever there's trouble. G.I. Joe is there. G.I. Joe. A real American Hero. G.I. Joe is there. It's G.I. Joe against Cobra and Destro fighting to save the day. He never gives up. He's always there. Fighting for freedom over land and air. G.I. Joe. A real American Hero. G.I. Joe is there. G.I. Joe is the codename for America's daring, highly trained, special mission force. Its purpose: To defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world. He never gives up. He'll stay 'til the fights won. G.I. Joe will dare. G.I. Joe. A real American Hero. G.I. Joe. Those famous lines were heard as the opening to the G.I. Joe cartoon. G.I. Joe was a very succesful cartoon based on the popular toy line created by Hasbro. The toy line started in the 60's
Michael Bell

Michael Bell

Duke / Major Bludd / Xamot / Clutch / Scrap Iron / Lift Ticket / Additional Voices

B.J. Ward

B.J. Ward


Christopher Collins

Christopher Collins

Cobra Commander / Gung-Ho / Breaker

Arthur Burghardt

Arthur Burghardt

Destro / Stalker

Morgan Lofting

Morgan Lofting


Jackson Beck

Jackson Beck


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  • Good animation, voice acting, and interesting characters can't shield its theme

    I did give this show a chance and I do see some good factors (Duke cares about his teammates and rescues civilians, Snake Eyes sacrifices himself at one point and they are protecting society). The animation is very good for a saturday morning show and the voice actors do a great job. But the reason I'm being so hard on this show is that is glorifies war (fantasy or not) and portrays it very unrealistically with no deaths, let alone serious injury. War is hardly ever justified (I'm not a pacifist) and only three wars were in our history (Revolutionary, Civil, and WWII). Unlike Star Wars where the characters picked their battles very carefully, war is the solution and an everyday thing. Although it is worth seeing for the compelling schemes and rescues, the tiresome "plots" are about good enough to fit on the back of a postcard, giving me more reason to find better things to watch/do.moreless
  • Force of Action

    Yeah I'm a G.I. Joe fan not a big one though, I played with the toys when I was 7, even played the video games that I enjoy (the first Nintendo game and my favorate the Konami arcade game), a comic book series whcih is great due to it's developing plot and characters as well as serious nature and I still collect today, but of course I've even watch the cartoon show which was a hell of a lot of fun and I still feel is a lot of fun because it has it's own kind of charm.

    It's true some today may be put off by the slight light chessy campy nature of this show partial contains. But that's because you might not be looking at it right, if you take the entertainment medium too seriously you'll be missing the point let alone the fun. To me this show is practically a simple comic book basic format of good guys vs. bad guys nothing special but it's always in the execution of the conflict that matters. The fact that it doesn't take itself seriously is a good thing. It sort of has this satirical parody senability to it from the scams to the nature of both sides. This fact alone is why you might need to be in the right mood to want to watch. But what I like is you can actually like and care about both sides of the spectrum because of the good characteriazaion in both sides. Which is why most of the characters we know are memorable today, I'll state a few of them from both sides. Flint and Lady Jaye: Both are just a great duo as well as charracters individually. Flint is almost a Snake Solid like character he is determined, tough, charasmatic, a strong leader cares for his men and women and believes in doing what's right. Lady Jaye could be the equivalant of Meryl, defently good with her trademark weapon, confident, clever, determined, a bit naive sometimes, feisty, and femine.

    Shipwreck: Always reminded me of actor Bruce Cambell for some strange reason, he was arrogant, reckless, rebelious funny, wisecracking, but always had a humanity within him. As well as always on a never ending pursuit for Cover Girl's affections though fails most of the time but hey I admire him for trying.

    Storm Shadow: Awsome ninja antagonist that has both awsome moves but also engimatic in motive I always like charcters shrouded in mystery.

    Baroness: I had a crush on this character when I was 7 what can I say I'm attracted to bad girls. From that sleck outfit she has on glasses with it, down to her persona which is always ruthless, sharp, smart, and there is always this warmth inside her that doesn't show but it's there.

    The action was always a lot of fun even though a bit inconsistent (nobody ever really gets hit from the gunfire) let alone more laws of physics broken than a Hong Kong action film. But all the same fun we got different vehcles, gun and fistfights and even the explosions to go with it. The outcome may have always been predictable but it didn't really matter, Cobra's loss was sometimes funny because it wasn't so much the fact that the Joes won because they were tough and better organized than the Cobras but it was really incompetence and egotism that was the Cobra's organizations undoing. And the episodes were well writen and creative and inspired. Some were typical action not so serious like "The Gamemaster" which was the G.I. Joe version of "The Most Dangerous Game" or "Phantom Bregade". But there were some that were serious and suprisingly had emotion like the stand alone "Computer Complecations", the two parter "There's no place like Springfield" and my favorate of the entire show "Worlds Without End".

    And who can forget those PSA which I always thought were hilarious but at the same time really educatonal. It was funny mainly because of those last lines in every one of them.

    Children: Now we know.

    G.I. Joe character: And knowing is half the battle.

    Chorus: G.I. JOE

    I swear that cracks me up every time I hear it. Or even the show opening where were the most exciting I've seen in any show.

    The only bad things about the show are I don't like how it handled my favorite character in the entire comic book series "Snake Eyes" he has very little screen time and he has little to do. Most of all I'm a little disappointed they didn't have the friendship romantic dynamic between both him and Scarlett and that disappoints me since their my favorite couple in the comic series, but oh well this is a flaw I can get past.

    Overall the comic book series is clearly better, but

    I like this show and enjoy it for what it is because it has a different kind of charm and is simply fun, Yo, Joe!moreless
  • "Now you know, and knowing is half the battle" "G.I. Joe the real American Hero." This was truely an 80's classic.

    The show was entertaining, and really not that violent considering they were always fighting wars it wasn't graphic. There always was the Public Service Announcement at the end telling you how to get out of a fire, or to not talk to strangers etc. So the show was sort of educational as well. I wasn't a huge fan, but I enjoyed watching it, I had buddies, who had alot of the action figures and vehicles, I had some, but was more into other things. I still thought this show was great and fun to watch. It will always be an 80's icon.moreless
  • Gets worse over time.

    Back in 85 when I was six I loved this show. There was Snake Eyes, Duke, Flint, Cobra Commander, Scarlet, Zartan and others. The story seemed great, the action at the time was great. I loved it when I was 6, 7, and 8. Sadly that was then this is now. GI-Joe is another show that doesn't age well with time, like Voltron and the A Team. First the animation just doesn't hold up. The story is still ok, but what really gets me is the action. You have these very well trained and no one gets killed. In some shows you have over one hundred men shooting at each other and no one gets killed or really injured. Come on this is war. I was only 6, but I knew what war was seeing it on the news. My uncle fought and died in vietnam, both my grandfathers fought in World War 2. At the time I was also watching Transformers, Voltron, Robotech, and Moblie Suit Gundam. So GI Joe has no excuse.moreless
  • Hahahahahhahahahahahhah

    I'm just kidding, I just love those GI Joe PSA's on ebaumsworld. You know, the dubbed ones. Freakin' hilarious. Favorites are: Ice, Porkchop sandwiches, the computer guy, the "mememem" guy, motorcycle guy, indian !, what am I saying, each and every one is hilarious, but I have to say the BEST one is either Ice...or that short little one where the kid falls off the cliff!! Hahahahahahahah!! It's like 5 seconds long but the last frame is his terrified face! Hahaha! You have to go to ebaumsworld and look it up. You will be crying so hard. OH OH! Don't forget the one with the robot and the fire where the robot kills the two kids!moreless

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