G.I. Joe

Season 1 Episode 1

A Real American Hero (1): The Cobra Strikes

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 12, 1983 on
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A Real American Hero (1): The Cobra Strikes
Cobra seizes control of a new satellite for use with a new transportation device and Duke is captured in the attempt. The G.I. Joe team learns that they must build their own device to defeat Cobra.

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    Morgan Lofting

    Morgan Lofting

    Major Juanita Hooper

    Guest Star

    Michael Bell

    Michael Bell

    Dr. Vandermeer

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    John Stephenson

    John Stephenson

    General Flagg

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Goof: When Baroness unmasks herself, revealing her true appearance, she's seen with blue eyes. But through the rest of the series, her eyes are brown.

    • QUOTES (12)

      • Destro: You are my slave, Duke. And soon the whole world will bow to Destro and Cobra.

      • Cobra Commander: Welcome to the Cobra Arena of Sport, Duke. We are pleased you have agreed to participate in our games. (Laughs)
        Duke: I've agreed to nothing, reptile breathe. (Climbing up Cobra flag leading to Destro & Cobra) And the only game that interest me is kicking in your fangs.

      • Dr. Vandermeer: I can begin construction on the Mass Device at once. But the three substances that power it are extremely rare. We must get them before Cobra does or all is lost.

      • Cobra Commander: Citizens of the world. We have a power greater than any in the history of man kind. Look and tremble. (Activating the Mass Device which makes the Eiffel Tower disappear) This is but the first in a serious of demonstrations of the awesome power of Cobra. Beg your leaders to surrender to Cobra at once. You have 24 hours. Cobra.

      • Cobra Commander: You incompetent steel head! Your bumbling has cost me dearly.
        Destro: Premature panic is the sign of an immature mind! I have mastered the device.

      • General Flagg: (To Duke) It looks like your team blew it on the first try.
        Major Hooper: The notion of the G.I. Joe team could breech these defenses was totally ludicrous.
        (Snake Eyes, Scarlett & Stalker drop out of a panel from the ceiling)
        Stalker: You were saying.

      • (After joining Scarlett & Snake Eyes on the roof)
        Scarlett: Thanks for dropping in Stalker. Shall we do out thing.
        Stalker: Après vous, ma chère, Scarlett.
        Scarlett: (With a southern accent) Why, thank you, sir.

      • Cobra Commander: We are disappointed. You were expected days ago, Destro.
        Destro: (Dropping cloak) The shipment was difficult to assemble and I lost more time climbing to this ridiculously, melodramatic location.
        Cobra Commander: I designed the Cobra Temple to guarantee us secrecy and security.

      • Cloaked man: Oh, great Cobra. We await thy bidding. Give us a sign. (Helpers take off and cloaked man laughs) The superstitious fools didn't even wait for their pay.

      • (After Duke pushes Scarlett out of the way of Cobra's fire)
        Scarlett: Hey! Why didn't you just yell, "Look out?"
        Duke: Didn't you read my green sheet? "Man of action."

      • (After landing her jet)
        Duke: Hey, bacteria brain. Come down. Let's discuss your future as a mental patient.
        Scarlett: (Opening the hatch) Oh, come on, Duke. Where's you're spirit of adventure? Give a teammate a hand. (Duke helps her down) I missed you, Duke.
        Duke: You certainly did. (Holding his thumb and finger close together) By that much.

      • (After a low flying jet causing Duke, Snake Eyes & Stalker to hit the deck)
        Duke: I'm going to kick the mustard out of that crazy hot dog!

    • NOTES (3)

      • Christopher Collins is credited as Christopher Latta in the closing credits.

      • Snake Eyes, Gung-Ho, Wild Bill, Flash, Clutch, Grunt & Rock 'n Roll appear in this episode but do not speak.

      • First appearances of Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Stalker, Major Bludd, Destro, the Cobra Commander, General Flagg, The Baroness, Breaker and Steeler along with various back ground Joe & Cobra officers.

    • ALLUSIONS (0)

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