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G.I. Joe

Season 1 Episode 2

A Real American Hero (2): Slave of the Cobra Master

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 13, 1983 on
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Episode Summary

A Real American Hero (2): Slave of the Cobra Master
Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Snow Job & Flash travel to the Arctic Circle to retrieve the crystal minerals to fuel their MASS device, but Cobra ambushes them. Snake Eyes sacrifices himself to save the others. Duke manages to escape the Cobra base with the help of Selena and soon chased by Cobra. Duke's injured and can't remember anything except for the face of Selena.moreless

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    Michael Bell

    Michael Bell

    Dr. Vandermeer

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    Frank Welker

    Frank Welker

    Rock 'n Roll

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    John Stephenson

    John Stephenson

    General Flagg

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      • (After Cobra takes the World Leaders)
        Cobra Commander: Boastful fools. Your rash statements of bravery are pointless. This is the fate of all who who reject my supremacy.
        Destro: The fate of your Leaders will be yours if you continue to defy us. Surrender to the new Cobra order or become our mindless slaves. The choice is yours.

      • (As Duke's wheeled into the ER)
        Cover Girl: He doesn't look good, Doc. Is he going to make it?
        Doc: His vital signs are weak, Cover Girl. But Duke's no ordinary man.

      • (After Snake Eyes lowers the radioactive shield)
        Scarlett: We'll never forget you. (Placing hand on glass against Snake Eyes') For what you've done, Snake Eyes. We owe you our lives.

      • (Preparing to leave on the Viper Glider)
        Duke: What'll happen to you?
        Selena: I know secret ways back to the slave pens. No one will know I been involved in your escape.

      • (After making his demands to the Nations Leaders)
        Cobra Commander: I was rather good, wasn't I?
        Destro: The Mass Device is not a toy for your amusement. These repeated demonstrations of it's power have almost exhausted our supply of catalatic elements.

      • (Near the crystal mine in the Arctic Circle's Sea of Ice)
        Snow Job: No tracks in the snow. I'd say we got here before Cobra.
        Scarlett: Let's get those crystals and get out. I'm starting to identify with frozen food.

      • Selena: I am Selena. (Offering Duke a thin strip of gold) Slip this between your headband and your forehead and (Duke takes the gold strip) you will be able to interrupt the control waves. It will cause you agonizing pain but you will be free to run.
        Duke: Why are you doing this?
        Selena: Shh. The guards approach. When you free, make for the great cobra's mouth. I shall meet you there.

      • (Halting the Sport after receiving a message)
        Cobra Commander: Wait. This cannot be permitted. (Crumbling up the message) The world has refused to surrender to Cobra. People are volunteering to stand and fight against us to the bitter end.
        Destro: Worse. Our spy's report G.I. Joe has learned about the three catalytic elements and is going after them.

      • (After Breaker tells him they can bring in the three elements to him)
        Dr. Vandermeer: Very well. But it will not be easy. (Typing on the keyboard) The first element we need (Bionic reverberation as an image of the world appears) is a radio active crystal which can be found buried near the Arctic Circle. Not far from a glacier expanse known as the Sea of Ice.

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