G.I. Joe

Season 1 Episode 3

A Real American Hero (3): The Worms of Death

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 14, 1983 on



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    • (After finding out Snake Eyes is still alive)
      Scarlett: Snake, you're alive. I knew you were too tough to be finished off by some dumb old crystals.

    • (Coming in a tanker)
      Cover Girl: Guess who I just picked up at the outer perimeter. I heard a relay alarm kick in. You were all busy, so I went for a looksy. And here's Snake Eyes.

    • (After Duke tells the group that they've got to keep fighting)
      Short Fuze: Uh me and Steeler maybe got something. You know how Cobra needs the relay star satelite to send the Mass energy beam down on New York
      Duke: Yeah, Short Fuze. Go on.
      Short Fuze: Well, you see, Steeler and me was talking. And I said to him, "Steeler buddy," I said.
      Steeler: Will you tell him already.
      Short Fuze: I'm telling him. I got to tell him my way, thought. So anyway's I said to Steeler.
      Steeler: (Picking Short Fuze up and moving him to the side) There's no time to tell it your way. What me and Short Fuze figured was, If we could knock out that satelite, Cobra couldn't do nothing to the Big Apple
      Short Fuze: (Shoving Steeler out of the way) So we build this big doohickey with Clutch's help.

    • (After Duke says they've got the heavy water)
      Cover Girl: The Cobra Commander demands G.I. Joe surrender at once or he'll disintigrate New York City.

    • Baroness: Thank you for a successful but extremely temporary partnership, Duke. Now, give us your heavy water as well.
      Duke: We had a deal, Baroness.
      Baroness: A deal? With Cobra! Ha ha ha ha. Surely you can't be serious.

    • (As the tube worms attack G.I. Joe and Cobra underwater teams)
      Torpedo: Commander of Cobra forces. Yo, Baroness. We've got to work together if any of us are going to get out of this. Otherwise, we'll end up worm food.
      Baroness: (Laughs) Preposterous. Collaboration with the enemy is out of the question. I.. (One of the tube worms attacks her vessel) Aah. On second thought, your idea has merit. We will help. With the understanding that once we are free, we will split the pool of heavy water equally.

    • (After chasing the Polar Bear away from Snake Eyes)
      Old Man: Even thou I can not see. I can tell a young, strong man, you are to sure. But what you are doing in these bleak hills, I do not know? But you're surely freeze to death if you're not given shelter.

    • (After the Joe's get their wet suits on)
      Stalker: I believe none of us knows doodley squat about deep sea diving. So, who do we have to ram rod this operation.
      Duke: Good question, Stalker. And her comes a good answer. (A submarine pulls up along side the carrier)
      Torpedo: Hey, what's happening, land lovers?

    • (Pointing at the red crystal cave's entrance)
      Cobra Guard: Look there was someone alive in there.
      Major Bludd: Hold you fire. (As Snake Eyes walks past) Poor devil. He's a walking time bomb. (Cobra guards talk amongst themselves) Let him go. He'll die soon enough.

    • (After Cobra Commander makes another demand)
      Destro: Egotistical peacock. Doesn't he realize that our supply of catalistic elements is too low to activate his vial threats. And an empty threat destroys our credibility.
      Baroness: But we retain the upper hand, Destro. G.I. Joe failed to get the red crystals.
      Destro: We have failed as well, my dear Baroness.
      Baroness: Your concern is unfounded. Major Bludd may yet succeed in bringing back the crystals.
      Destro: He must succeed. He must. (Punching concrete wall with fist)

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