G.I. Joe

Season 1 Episode 5

A Real American Hero (5): A Stake in the Serpent's Heart

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 16, 1983 on



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Gung-Ho raids the Cobra fortress, he seems to be speaking with Stalker's voice.

    • Goof: In the overhead shot where the Joes are cheering after their mass beam cancels out Cobra's efforts to destroy New York City, Scarlett is seen even though she's imprisoned at enemy headquarters. The next shot correctly shows Cover Girl in her place.

    • Goof: When Scarlett and Selena are imprisoned after their failed attempt to free the other slaves, Scarlett is speaking with Selena's voice when she says "Yes, you are very brave" before speaking with her own when saying "But Duke's our only hope now."

    • Goof: When Doc is prepping to probe Duke's memories in an effort to locate Cobra's base, Breaker is briefly seen with a blond beard instead of brown. And in the first showing, young Duke looks exactly the same as the bully he fights (with brown hair and pants and a green shirt), before he changes to blond hair, blue shirt and jeans.

  • Quotes

    • Breaker: Using part of our MASS machine with what's left of theirs and the little bit of elements remain. I think there's just enough juice to send the Eiffle Tower back where it belongs here goes.
      (Breaker makes the transfer)
      Duke: London. You put the Eiffel Tower back in London?
      Breaker: Well, I guess I goofed.

    • (Getting away in a helicopter)
      Destro: I shall be back for vengence. I swear it. I shall be back.

    • (Timber pulls the cloak off of Cobra Commander's disquise)
      Cobra Commander: Aahh. You have won this time but Cobra will survive to defeat you. Remember my words.

    • (After Destro manuvers the MASS Device to the floor)
      Cobra Commander: You've aimed for the Earth's core. If that disintigrates, the planet will explode.
      Destro: That's the general idea. (Takes off running) Good bye for now, Commander. Or as you say, (Hissing) Sssso long.

    • (Breaking through to Scarlett & Selena's prison)
      Duke: Scarlett. Are you alright?
      Scarlett: Duke. It's about time you guys showed up. (Stalker releases her) A girl gets tired hanging around the house. (Stalker frees Selena who then runs & kisses Duke) Later, sister. We've got a war to win.
      Duke: I was go bring flowers but I thought you'd like these better. (Hands Scarlett her crossbow)
      Scarlett: (Crouching and firing an arrow) Yo Joe.

    • (Duke shown in the sensory deprivation tank)
      Doc: It's coming into focus. Now concentrate on a Cobra headed fortress on op of a bleak mountain.
      Clutch: It looks like the hotel Dracula.

    • Destro: You, the people of the world mistake my determination to conquer. I am not soft and merciful. Until your nations surrender to me, I shall execute your leaders one at a time. Every half hour on the hour starting with General Flagg. Bring him to me and I shall personally carry out his sentence.

    • (After Cobra's beam is disintigrated by the Joe's beam)
      Cobra Commander: They stopped us. They must have a Mass Device.
      Destro: Brilliant deduction.

    • (After having a tussel with Scarlett)
      Selena: Tell your masters that I told them nothing and I will tell you even less.
      Scarlett: Relax sister. We have the same friend.
      Selena: I do not understand
      Scarlett: The ring. (Holding up Selena's left hand) Duke's ring.
      Selena: Duke?
      Scarlett: 6 ft 2. Eyes of blue.

    • Cobra Commander: Ah, Destro. Noble, Destro. My old friend. We congratulate you on the success of your mission.
      Destro: Success. You dare speak to me of success. You psychotic, civilian serpent of a dope.

    • (As Destro & Scarlett land at the Cobra citadel)
      Destro: (To Cobra guards) Take her away.
      (Scarlett punches two guards, flips down the stairs and then kicks another guard before she is finally capture her)
      Scarlett: Don't open champagne yet, scrap Iron Breath. You took a round. Not the fight.

    • (As the jet flies out of control)
      Destro: You fool! You've cost us both our lives.
      Scarlett: The stabilizer controls still work.
      Destro: Impossible. Centrifical force has me pinned.
      Scarlett: My bow. The third arrow. It's a tractor rig. Hurry. (Kicking her bow over to Destro and grabs an arrow) Not that one, you jerk. The third one. That's it. Now set it on short range or you'll blow it throw the instrument panel. (Destro sets the arrow) Gently hammer hands. Steady.
      Destro: (Firing the bow) Nothing's happening.
      Scarlett: It will.
      (Destro is pulled to the control panels)

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