G.I. Joe

Season 1 Episode 5

A Real American Hero (5): A Stake in the Serpent's Heart

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 16, 1983 on

Episode Recap

As the jet carrying Destro and Scarlett careens out of control, Destro chastises her for costing thEM their lives. Scarlett tells him the stabilizer controls still work. Destro tells her that he can't move because of the centrifugal force pinning him back to where he can't get to the controls. Scarlett tells him she's got an arrow that's a tractor rig. She kicks her bow over to Destro and he grabs an arrow from her case. She tells Destro to set it on short range or he'll blow it throw the instrument panel. As Destro sets the arrow and then fires the bow nothing happens yet until it pulls him over to the control panels. Destro gets the jet under control and out of the nose dive. Scarlett commends him on his work.

Back at Cobra Citadel, Destro deplanes the jet and tells the Cobra officers to take Scarlett away. Scarlett punches two of the guards and flips down the stairs fighting off some of the other guards. They contain her and she tells Destro not to celebrate just yet because he's won a round and not the fight.

Destro tells the Baroness that Scarlett was his way out with the third element. The Baroness tells him she knew he wouldn't fail and about Cobra Commander's attempt to destroy New York City. Just then, the Cobra Commander comes in and congratulates him on his success of his mission. Destro in turn tells him that his failed attempt to destroy New York City gave the G.I. Joe team time and hope.

Cobra Commander tells him that with the meteorite in their possession that they are invincible and throws his serpent staff at his head. Destro picks himself up and tells Cobra Commander that he will be taking over full authority over the operations so that they will get their victory. He crushes the serpent head and takes off with the Baroness as the Cobra Commander follows him telling him he can't do that to him.

At the slave pens entrance, two Cobra officers throw Scarlett down a flight of steps into the pit. Scarlett gains her senses as she hears someone moving about. Just then, she is attacked and struggles with Selena. Selena tells Scarlett she's a Cobra spy. Scarlett kicks Selena off of her and grabs a lit candle to see who her attacker is. Selena tells her that she hasn't told them anything and tells Scarlett even less. Scarlett notices Duke's ring and tells Selena to relax because they have the same friend. Scarlett describes Duke to her and tells her that he wouldn't want them to sit this one out. She then karate chops the wooden chest she's sitting on. Selena tells her that she understands and kicks over a table.

Back at G.I. Joe headquarters as Cobra troops march into custody, Dr. Vandermeer announces that they've got their own MASS Device and it's ready. The Joe's cheer.

At the Cobra citadel, Cobra officers gather General Flagg and the other Nation's Leaders to a control room. General Flagg asks Valenkoff where they've been. Valenkoff tells him he doesn't know but he is afraid of Destro.

Destro orders silence and for them to speak to the people of their nations. They either surrender or perish. Each of the leaders communicate to their people that Destro is in charge. Destro tells the Cobra Commander that it is simple to command respect when he has the power to back it up. The Commander agrees and walks away.

Scarlett and Selena are escorted to the slave pens; Scarlett tells her that the strip of metal piece is working. Selena tells her that it works best when the energy supply is low. As they arrive at the male slave's cages, Scarlett wonders if they will be able to count on them. Selena and Scarlett start to feed the men and introduce Scarlett to Ramar. Selena tells her that Ramar will lead them into battle against Cobra. Ramar tells them that the male slaves' patience is wearing thin. Scarlett tells him to pass it along to them that it will be very soon.

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