G.I. Joe

Season 1 Episode 17

Red Rocket's Glare

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 24, 1985 on



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    • Flint: So, what did you find out?
      Lady Jaye: Mostly that a thousand foot drop does nothing to help the digestion of Peking duck.

    • Flint: (In helicopter) This is as close as I can get, Lady Jaye.
      Lady Jaye: I don't know how you talk me into this. You know I'm scared of heights.

    • Lady Jaye: Extensive Enterprise has done business with Cobra before. What could they be up to?
      Roadblock: They're up to their noses up in hamburgers. That's for sure.

    • Xamot: Mr. Queeg. You will proceed to RR104.
      Tomax: Terminate negotiations and reacquire the restaurant at once.
      Tomax and Xamot: (Together) Employ extreme measures if necessary.

    • Biker: Trash those turkeys.
      Roadblock: (Picking up a garbage can) Here's the trash. I'll be the turkey, if you will be the stuffing.

    • Recondo: For the next two weeks, our mission is tooling up the coast.
      Roadblock: (Looking at a Red Rocket) And sampling the local businesses.

    • Roadblock: (Whispering to Aunt Sarah and Uncle Caleb) Call me Roadblock. Ok. Not Marvin.

    • Blowtorch: I torched the lab but Destro was slithering out the bask. As usual.

    • Destro: (To Indian boy) I shall spare your life but your incompetence has cost you the gold I promised.

    • Recondo: Nothing like a nice stroll, huh, Roadblock.
      Roadblock: Bugs and snakes and jungles. This job ain't fun no more.

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