G.I. Joe

(ended 1986)





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  • One of the best shows out there I enjoyed watching GI Joe alongside my older brother while listening to Cobra Commander plot, rant and rave, a definate must see.

    As mentioned earlier I got to know the show while watching it with my older brother whenever I was sick it was enjoyable to see the Joes who were almost always foiling the various plots by the terrorist organization known as Cobra to conquer the world.

    Despite a sad ending to it when the show was hijacked after the events of the movie it was still fun to watch even if Dragonfire and the episodes afterwards were targeted more towards little kids whereas the former was for everyone else.

    The man who really stole the spotlight though was Cobra Commander (voiced wonderfuly by Chris Latta) he was ruthless and yet amusing to watch especially whenever he was screaming at everyone else and obviously not in full control of the events around him.

    It was a shame that Buzz Dixon's idea for Cobra Commander's return was not brought about just as sad as loosing familiar characters such as Firefly, Tomax, Xamot, Zartan, Zandar, the Dreadnoks and the rest.

    Nevertheless this show was and is worthy of a '10' I encourage everyone to watch this show because despite animation that is primative by today's standards this show is still better then many other shows out there chief among them SMC, and all the anime shows as it had an awesome plot, a wonderful group of characters and compelling stories unlike much of the cartoons on today.