G.I. Joe

(ended 1986)





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  • Classic Eighties Cartoon

    This show was it when I was in high school. I lived, breathed and talked this show. I could mimmick all the voices, write my own stories with them and collect all the figures. This cartoon had it all! Great stories, wonderful humor, incredible action and all the women were complete babes, especially the Baroness with her tight black body suit (almost a precursor to Michelle Pfeiffer as the Catwoman). The heroes were a lot like Hogan's Heroes or the A-Team; almost completely infallible and always prepared. Spawning the cartoon toy merchandise phenomenon, however, it opened itself up to rip-offs, parodies and spoofs. There has been very few modern carttons to reach this height of greatness. Unfortunately, nothing this good lasts for long. GIJoe the Movie with Don Johnson and Burgess Meredith marked the end as the series was taken over by other producers and quickly ruined with stupid situations, bad stories, lousy animations and everyone's favorite characters eliminated. With that sort of damage, the legacy ended not with a bang (the movie) but with a whimper, and the kids of today were insulted with horrible cartoons with football-headed psycho babies and idiot talking sponges at the bottom of the creek or whatever.